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Dave Matthews Band
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Format : Minarets, Dave matthews band
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Minarets, Dave matthews band

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From: (interfaith council) Date: 29 Jan 96 17:18:36 Subject: dave matthews band: minarets by the dave matthews band from the 24 february 1995 bootleg at the roseland in new york city originally from the album *remember two things* transcribed by evan c. parker this song is not as bad as it looks. very fast fingering but prety repetative after you get the hang of it... this is take from a bootleg, because it was a great version, and in general i'm not a big fan of studio recordings. and remember, none of this is dead-on-accurate, but it should be pretty close... *intro...* *more intro...* e +-x---x---x------x--x--+ +-x---x---x------x--x--+ b +-x---x---x------x--x--+ +-x---x---x------x--x--+ g +-x---x---x------x--x--+ +-x---x---x------x--x--+ d +-x---x---x------x--x--+ +-x---x---x------x--x--+ a +-x---x---x------x--x--+ +-x---x---x------x--x--+ e +-x---x---x------x--x--+ +-12--12--12-----12-12-+ *e* verse... *a* verse... e +-----------------------------+ +-----------------------------+ b +-----------------------------+ +-----------------------------+ g +-----------------------------+ +--7----9----6----6/7---7--6--+ d +--9----7----6----6/7---7--6--+ +--7----7----7----7/8---7--7--+ a +--7----7----7----7/8---7--7--+ +--0----0----0----0/0---0--0--+ e +--0----0----0----0/0---0--0--+ +-----------------------------+ *riff* e +----------------------------------------------------------------+ b +----------------------------------------------------------------+ g +----------------------------------------------------------------+ d +--------11--9--------------------------------6/7/6--------------+ a +-----9---------12--11--10--9--7--------7--8---------7/8/7-------+ e +--7---------------------------------5---------------------------+ minarets by the dave matthews band *intro...* (x4) *more intro...* (x4) *e* (x4) *e* (x4) *a* (x2) *e* (x2) how easy loaded eyes serves to praise him. i hear it... so we live in this wild of a winded world. i hear it... *e* (x8) the hourglass slips away *e* (x4) *a* (x2) *e* (x2) *e* (x4) santa maria choose your children santa maria virgin child *a* (x2) *e* (x2) all our wars... over you we are fighting and all our... time faith justifying *riff* *e* (x2) *e* (x4) brother caged babylon will fall sister chained and bound, beaten and bleeding *a* (x2) *e* (x2) the tv's on, to me this explains it wearing a tie like daddy speaks it *riff* *e* (x2) screaming from the minarets *e* (x4) *a* (x2) *e* (x2) *riff* later on we'll all be dancing *e* (x2) screaming from the minarets *riff* yes indeed i'm making faces *e* (x2) *e* (x4) rain on the ground in a space... God has grown *e* (x4) alone till a man looking glass in his hand... he is holding up to you *a* (x2) *e* (x2) *a* (x2) *e* (x2) what you see... what you see... what you see... what you see is human what you see... what you see... what you see... what you see is human what you see... what you see... what you see... what you see is human *riff* *e* (x2) screaming from the minarets /| _____/ | +----------------------------------------------------------+ o O ==| | (_._) | interfaith council | u 8 of the college of william and mary | 8 | +-hillel-csa-canterbury-lsa-wesley-wesfel-bsu-msa-uu's-cso-+ now online at: and email us at:

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tablature minarets dave matthews band

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