Tablature ants marching

Dave Matthews Band
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Format : Ants marching, Dave matthews band
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Ants marching, Dave matthews band

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## I finally figured it out! Ants Marching On either "Under the Table and Dreaming" or "Remember Two Things" -- "RTT" is a great album, check it out- On to the musique Verse Strum He wakes up in the morning........ D Am7Bm7x2 D G Am7Bm7 e------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ b------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ g------------------------------------------7--7--------------------------------------- d------7-----5/7--5/7---7-------5/7--7--7--7--7------------------------------- a------5-----7/9--7/9---5---5---7/9--9--9--9--5------------------------------ e--------------------------------3------------------------------------------------------ He wakes up in the morning Does his teeth bite to eat an he's rolling He never changes a thing The week ends the week begins She thinks e--------------- b--------------- g--------------- d--------------- a---5--5---------- e---3--3---------- We look at each other Wondering what the other is thinking But we never say a thing And these crimes between us grow deeper In concerts (including RTT) , DMB skips this, but it is played on Under the Table.. Continue verse strum, and sing Take these chances Place them in a box/Until a F# D quieter time G B A Lights down you up and die Start verse strum on "die" Goes to visit his mommy She feeds him well His concerns he forgets them And remembers being small Playing under the table and dreaming Chorus F# D G B A Take these chances F# D G B A Place them in a box/Until a F# D G B A quieter time lights down you up and die Start verse strum on "die" Driving in on this highway All these cars end up on the sidewalk People in every direction e----------------------------------------------- b---------------------------------------------- g-------------------------------------7------ d--------------------------------5/7--7---7- a---5----------------------------7/9--9---5- e---3------------------------------------------ No words exchanged, no time to exchange e-------------------------------------------------------------- b-------------------------------------------------------------- g--------------------------------------------------------------- d---7------------------------------------------------------------- a---5------------------5------------------------ e----------------------3---------------------- F# D G B A All the little ants are marching F# D G B A Red and black antennae waving F# D G B A They all do it the same F# D G B A They all do it the same Do an entire measure of verse strum on "way" waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayeah! Candyman tempting the thoughts of a Sweet tooth tortured by weight loss Program cutting the corners there's a loose end loose end Cut Cut On the fence so not to offend Cut Cut Chorus F# D G B A Take these chances F# D G B A Place them in a box/Until a F# D G B A quieter time lights down you up and die Start verse strum on "die" Solos alternate between chorus and verse strums finish on G D Lights down you up and die This is my first tab, but I've been using the archive for a long time Comments +/-? Dave Thanx From: Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 17:27:40 -0500 Subject: Dave Mathews Band//Ants Marching Ants Marching Dave Mathews Band Under The Table And Dreaming and Remember Two Things After watching the HOUSE OF BLUES performance many times on tape and in slo-mo here is what I have come up with Verse He wakes up in the morning Does his teeth bite to eat and hes rolling etc... You can cheat and play DDG / GGD Those areactually the chords Boyd plays along with dave on the fiddle Chorus: Bm D G Bm A Take these chances Etc. Back to the DDG/GGD for the verse Follow the DDG/GGD until... All the little ants are marching 4D------0------------0--------------2 5A------2------------0--------------2 6E------3------------2--------------0 (top three only!) Repeat for Red annd black antenna... they all do it.... Back to DDG/GGD for candyman.... I can not for the life of me figure out the little shuffle that Dave plays in the verse in between the D and the G I think it goes a little something like this. 4D--------4---4 D-------0---0 D and then 5A--------5 --5 then a G then A ------5 --5 6E--------0---0 E------5---5 I have tried for a long time and that's all i can get Any corrections are appreciated as well as any other DMB songs especially Tripping Billies. Someone figure that one out.... please!?!

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    ants marching

    Album : Under the Table and Dreaming

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    tablature ants marching dave matthews band

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