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Crown City Rockers
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Format : Raising cain, Crown city rockers
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Raising cain, Crown city rockers

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: aeu95317 <aeu95317@ccsun.strath.ac.uk> ( "b.n.mcphail-bn") Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 10:56:23 -0800 Raising Cain - The Mission ----------- File updated: 7/1/96. Comments/Corrections/Additional Riffs to <bmpchail@cs.strath.ac.uk> Or see my Mission homepage: http://www.strath.ac.uk/~aeu95317/mission.html Thanks to all of the people (and there were a few!) who sent me the correct lyrics to this song! Verse Riff ---------- e|-------------------------------------------------------------- B|-------------------------------------------------------------- G|-----2---0-----------2-0--------0-------------2-0------------- D|-0-----0-----3-----------3----3----3-------------------------- A|---------------4---4-------1---------------1------------------ E|-------------------------------------3---3-------------------- | D bass C# bass Bb bass G bass or play it an octave higher: (personally I prefer the above riff) e|-----5---3-----------5-3-1---1-3-1--------5-3----------------- B|-3-----3-----6-2---2------------------------------------------ G|---------------------------3-------0--0-3--------------------- D|-------------------------------------------------------------- A|-------------------------------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------- Break Riff ---------- e|--------- B|--------- G|-2-0---0- D|-----3--- A|--------- E|--------- Verse Bass ---------- || D | C# | Bb | G || * 4 || Bb | G | D | || Chorus Bass ----------- || F | E | G | F# | F | E | G | Eb C | Keyboard Ending --------------- Switch between Dm and Dsus 2 (End the song on a Dsus 2) How To Play It: --------------- For all of the verses and the intro the bass plays the verse notes above, the guitar plays the main verse riff. In the verse when the bass plays Bb, G, D the guitar switches to power chords (Bb5, G5, D5) In the chorus the bass plays the notes above (1 bar each, except for the last one - half a bar each for Eb and C). And the guitar? I don't have a clue! It's very quiet on the CD, you might as well just play the same as the bass but an octave or two higher. The 'break' guitar riff is the one that occurs just after the first chorus. Lyrics ------ I'm sick and tired of this masquerade I'm bored to death by the games we play For to long now it's been a charade Don't wanna stay around to piss on parade Gotta get the hell outta here Too late now to wrap me up in chains Too late now to bite my tongue, stop me Raising Cain The chip on your shoulder is a monkey on my back You steal the glory, I'll take the flak Can't stand your accusations, your recriminations It's time to jump this train cos we've crashed the station Don't wanna take this ride no more Too late now to wrap me up in chains Too late now to bite my tounge, stop me Raising Cain The gift of masque was like pearls before swine Too late now to wrap me up in chains Too late now to bite my tounge, stop me Raising Cain --PART-BOUNDARY=.19601081056.ZM1136.cc.strath.ac.uk--

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tablature raising cain crown city rockers

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