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Crowded House
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Format : Now were getting somewhere, Crowded house
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Now were getting somewhere, Crowded house

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Now We're Getting Somewhere (N. Finn) NOTES: -- Chords in Intro should be damped with heel of hand. when verse starts, go ahead and let them sustain. -- The lead-in to the second verse is also used during the rideout section when Neil's not soloing (starting with "When you took me to your room ..."). INTRO: C#m F#m G#7 C#m It never used to be that bad F#m G#7 But neither was it great C#m Somewhere in the middle than F#m G#7 Content and much too safe E Ooh tell me please Bsus B Why it takes so long C#m F#m B To realize when there's something wrong CHORUS E A Lay me out with your heart B Now we're gettin' somewhere E A Push me back to the start B Now we're gettin' somewhere E A Take me out let me breathe B Now we're gettin' somewhere E A When I'm with you I don't care B Where it is I'm falling Lead-in to second verse: --------------------------- --------------------------- ---2-----2------2-----2---- --------------------------- -2---------0--2---------0-- -----0>2----------0>2------ There's money in the Bible Belt Hugs for daddy too Three wishes for eternity We've got some work to do Ooh tell me please, tell me what went wrong Cos I believe there is something wrong CHORUS 1st SOLO: (Entire solo, including first and second endings is repeated; Chords underneath are: C#m F#m G#7) ______________ | 1. ---------------------------------------------|-------------|| --5--5--7--7--9--9--9--9---10---10---10---10-|--9--9--7--7-|| 6--6--8--8--9--9--9--9--11---11---11---11----|9--9--8--8---|| ---------------------------------------------|-------------|| ---------------------------------------------|-------------|| ---------------------------------------------|-------------|| _____________________ |2. ---------------------|| ---13---13---13---13-|| 13---13---13---13----|| ---------------------|| ---------------------|| ---------------------|| E A When you took me to your room B I swear I said surrender E A When you opened up your mouth B I saw the words fall out E A Though nothing much has changed B I swear I will surrender E A B There is pain in my heart E A B We can choose what we choose to believe 2nd SOLO: (Solo is repeated; Chords underneath are: E A B) 2>>>7-----2-2-2-----7---5-4--2-2-2-|| 4>>>9-----4-5-4-----9---5-5--4-5-4-|| 4>>>9-----4-4-4-----9---6-6--4-4-4-|| -----------------------------------|| -----------------------------------|| -----------------------------------|| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (Transcription by Mark Schnitzius & Marck Bailey)

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tablature now were getting somewhere crowded house

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