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Crazy Town
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Format : Butterfly, Crazy town
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Butterfly, Crazy town

Crazy Town - Butterfly Standard Tuning Riff I: (delay/echo effect) |------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------13------15b17r15-------------------------------------------| |--14------14----------------14------12---14-----------------------| |--------------------------------------------12--------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| tabbed by Enjoy! HomeNew TabsGuitar ForumsLessonsICQ BuddiesPremier Sites Sat Jan 27, 2001 TabCrawler.Com - Part Of The Guitar.Com Network Author/Artist: Crazy Town Title: Butterfly Album: Gift of Game Transcribed by: Matthew Lewis Email: This is the one and only riff. The rest is played by the bass. Use Delay or Delay/Chorus if you have it. -----------8------12------11h12p11--|----------------------------------------- -10---------------------------------|---10v------8--10------------------------ ------------------------------------|-------------------7--------------------- ------------------------------------|----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------|----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------|----------------------------------------- If you need a solo, mess with these notes. -6------8--------10---------11----------12------------------------------------ -----6-------8---------10----------12---------14------------------------------ ----------7---------9-----------11------13------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These are in no partcular order. Crazy Town, Butterfly. Tabbed by Steven file, This is played by a seven string guitar. But since I don't play those butt's seven stringers. I tabbed this for a six stringer. BAND: Crazy Town TABBED BY: Steven File SONG: Butterfly Album: Gift of game TUNNING: Standerd Tunnin ( E B G D A E ) Distortion with Dely and Echo pedal. E--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------E B------------------------15b1/2---------------------------------------------------------15b1/2-------------------------B G----14---17---14----------------------14--12----14----7----12--14--17--14------------------14---12--14----7-G D--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------D A--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------E The 12 is hard to hear but listen for it. belive me its there. This has also got a kick butt bass part that is just so sweet to listen too. ( It makes me want to learn bass) I just bought this CD last night so I had nothing to do all day so I figured this song out. You'll have to listen to this song for the timeing and other stuff, this is real easy to play. well have fun playing . Comments or corections. Email me at Crazy Town/butterfly. Tabbed by Chains~~/ this is the real thing i do beleive. |-----8--12--10h12p10--------------------| |-10-------------------10--8--10---8-10--| |--------------------------------7-------| |----------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------| CHORUS: Come my lady Come, come my lady You're my butterfly. Sugar, baby Come my lady Come, come my lady You're my butterfly. Suger baby VERSE: Such a sexy, sexy pretty little thing Fierce nipple pierce, you got me sprung With your tongue ring And I ain't gonna lie Cause your loving gets me high So to keep you by my side There's nothing that I won't try Butterflies in her eyes And the looks to kill Time is passing And I'm asking could this be real Cause I can't sleep I can't hold still The only thing I really know Is she got sex appeal I can feel Too much is never enough You're always there to lift me up When these times get rough I was lost. Now I'm foung Ever since you've been around You're the woman that I want So yo, I'm putting it down Puttin' it down CHORUS I don't deserve you Unless it's some kind of hidden message To show me life is precious Then I guess it's true To tell the truth, I really never knew 'Til I met you I was lost and confused Twisted and used up Knew a better life existed But thought that I missed it My lifestyle's wild I was living like a wild child Trapped on a short leash paroled The police files And yo, what's happening now? I see the sun breaking Shinning through dark clouds And a vision of you Standing out in the crowds Was take a chance with me So, girl whatever tickles your fancy Girl it's me and you like Sid and Nancy So sexy...almost evil Talkin' about butterflies in my head I used to think that happy endings Were only in the books I read But you made me feel alive When I was almost dead You filled that empty space With the love I used to chace And as far as I can see It don't get better than this So, butterfly here is a song and it's sealed with a kiss And a thank you miss CHORUS

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    Album : The Gift of Game

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