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Cowboy Junkies
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Format : Anniversary song, Cowboy junkies
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Anniversary song, Cowboy junkies

# Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 21:21:28 -0800 From: Sylmar Converter Station Control Room <> Aniversary Song By Cowboy Junkies From the CD: Pale Sun by Chris ( Intro: (Drum Stix) (Kick Drum) C F C F C F C F C F C have you ever seen a sight as beautiful as that of the rain F G F soaked purple of the white birch in spring......have you ever Am F felt more fresh or wonderful than on a warm fall night under Am G G/D G/E a mackeral sky the smell of grapes on the wind....... well F G C F I have known..all these and the joys that they can bring.. Am G and..I'll share them all for a cup of coffee and to wear your.. C F C ring......... Verse: F C F have you ever had the pleasure of watching..a..quiet have you ever seen a sight as.. beautiful as a face C F G winter snow slowly gathering like.. simple moments adding up in a crowd of.. people that lights up ..just for you....... G F Am have you ever had a satisfied gut feeling to follow a have you ever felt more fresh or wonderful as when F Am G dry dirt road thats beckoning you to the heart of a shimmering sum- you wake by the side of that boy or girl who has pledged their love G G/D G/E F G -mer day..... well I have known all these things and the C F Am joys that they can bring and I'll..share them all for a cup of bring and now every morning there's a cup of G C F C coffee and to wear your...ring...... (Instru)....... coffee and I wear your....ring..... " " ....... F Bb F (Instru)..... and I don't know how I survived those days and I wear your..**(to coda)** C Am C before I held your hand ..well I ..never thought that I would F Bb F be the one to admit that the moon and sun shine so much.... C Bb n.c. Eb Bb brighter...when.........seen through.. two.. pair of eyes than F F C F C when seen through just one............. Repeat Verse Section: (to coda)** C ***(CODA)*** ring.. (end)

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tablature anniversary song cowboy junkies

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