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Counting Crows
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Format : Suffocate, Counting crows
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Suffocate, Counting crows

# Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 20:01:10 -0800 From: "Michael A. Mazur" <mmazur@WPI.EDU> Subject: TAB: Counting Crows, "Suffocate" Tab: "Suffocate" Counting Crows Transcribed by Michael A. Mazur ( As recorded live at the Hollywood Grand, 16 November, 1995 Intro and main riff (played by organ) |-------------------|----------------| |-------------------|----------------| |--------1--1h2--4--|--------1h2-----| |-------------------|-----2-------2--| |-------------------|----------------| |--0--0-------------|--0-------------| Verse: E (with main riff played by organ, guitar 1 enters with chords) Come on in baby, guess you want to touch me now You want to put your hands on my face, and Tell me you love me, tell me you need me Don't say that you love me Don't say anything, 'cause A I am not that kind of man I'm much less than you think I am (Back to main riff) |-------------------| |-------------------| |-------------------| Guitar 2 doubles main riff, except replacing |-------6b(7)r6-----| the second measure with this |----------------7--| |--0----------------| So many people are just like Jesus, They drag all this weight to get to anything better than Where they've been, or where they are Well tell me what the hell's the reason when we're never getting anywhere, but A You want me to say "Hey, it's OK." But I'm so dizzy, baby, just get the hell away from me Chorus: E B A * (guitar 2 plays fill 1) How can you breathe? E B A How can you see? E B A E *(guitar 2 plays fill 2) I can't even sleep when you're with me Fill 1 Fill 2 |--------------|-|----4--2p0-------| |--5--4--2-----|-|------------4/5--| |-----------2--|-|/4---------------| |--------------|-|-----------------| |--------------|-|-----------------| |--------------|-|-----------------| Verse: (organ and guitar 2 play simile to first verse) I'm sick of summertime, I know all of the best things in life are unkind I could be everything, I could be anything, but All the time I think that if I only had a pair if wings... But you won't touch me Just take your hands off me, don't touch me baby I can't receive it, you see... How can you see? How can you breathe? I can't feel a thing when you're with me Bridge: Organ sustains an E chord for 16 measures, Guitar 1 enters after 8 measures, and then plays an E as well Guitar 2 plays variations on these four measures for the whole bridge, usually holding the last note over the next measure |-----------|-------------|------------------|--------------| |--4h5p4h5--|--5b(7)r5p4--|--4h5p4--5b(7)r5--|--4b(5)r4-----| |-----------|-------------|------------------|-----------4--| |-----------|-------------|------------------|--------------| |-----------|-------------|------------------|--------------| |-----------|-------------|------------------|--------------| Verse: (The first half of the verse is skipped) A I can't take it this way, I hope you understand (guitars, organ tacet) Don't you fucking touch me, I can hold a candle if you can (very unsure of these lyrics) * (w/ fill 1, simile) How can you breathe? How can you see? (E B A progression continues) How can you breathe? How can you see? I can't even sleep when you're with me How can you breathe? How can you see? I can't feel a... I can't feel a thing I can't feel a thing progression changes to E B F#m, played twice, and then ends on E

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tablature suffocate counting crows

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