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Elvis Costello
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Format : Charm school, Elvis costello
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Charm school, Elvis costello

From Thu May 15 17:02:23 1997 Date: Fri, 02 May 1997 01:13:02 GMT From: michael p mccullough <> To:, Subject: TAB:CHARM SCHOOL by ELVIS COSTELLO Newsgroups:,, Hello, Again! Here are a few more chord charts (not really TAB after all) for some Elvis Costello songs. Don't forget to use a single spaced font for this! Please let me know if there are any errors, corrections, and so on. Thanks, michael Lyrics from: Chords from the songbook, mostly +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= Charm School By Elvis Costello >From the Album: Punch the Clock define: Gsus4 = XX0044 Asus4 = X02244 INTRO: G Dm G D G Men made out of monkeys D Men made into mice G Happy days are here again F D And all the drinks half price C Am Em C Em B7 A girl with a trick and a man with a calling Em B7 Trying to make a living out of your downfalling CHORUS: Em E7 TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING out of anything at all Am F Didn't they teach you anything except how to be cruel C F C In that charm school G You and I as lovers D Were nothing but a farce G TRYING TO MAKE A SILK PURSE F D OUT OF A SOW'S ARSE C Am Saying 'Why don't you watch me' Em C Hardly speaking SOTTO VOCE (chorus) Em I've got a notion I've got an angle Asus4 Take your dreams and promises And put them through the mangle Dm They say it's hell to finance too Gsus4 G And I just want to romance you G In this perpetual nightclub D I'll be yours eternal G Though the hours are long F D And the noise infernal C Am Em JUST ONE SHAMEFUL ACT OR SOMETIMES TWO C Em WE MAKE BELIEVE WE'RE MAKING DO (chorus) ++ michael p mccullough ++++ Klamath Falls OR # 1.541.884.3278 all moanday, tearsday, wailsday, thumpsday, frightday, shatterday (joyce/FW)

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tablature charm school elvis costello

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