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Format : Energy flux, Copacetic
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Energy flux, Copacetic

Date: Sun, 3 Sep 95 22:42:39 EDT From: (Dennis Kim) > >>> >>> BAND: Copacetic >>> SONG: Energy Flux >>> >> >>hi - >> >>this seems to have lost its line breaks. i'ld be grateful if >>you could resend it. >> >>cheers >> >>:-) >>cal >> > >I'm sorry..I forgot that my friend had edited it in NOTEPAD <of all things>. > >Here ya go: > >new song attached. work with it.. Accents on 3rd up&down strum (sus) >should be cool... :) > >Content-ID: <> >Content-type: text/plain; > name="SONG1.TXT" > >Written by : Sonny Barnette > >energy flux >C /// Am /// Dm /// G /// >yes, you might say i don't know what i want >and you might think what's it matter anyway >but i know that you can't figure out >C /// Am /// G /// G /// >why i do the things i do > >F /// Em /// G /// G /// >you never understood what it took to make me smile >F /// Em /// G /// C >now you know what we like and never say > >walking down the street at night he is wondering where she is >but she knows that what he says is only what he feels inside >when the maze dissolves and her mirror breaks > >always the right stuff for his shoes >the reality crushes the siege of night > >when you hold me i know where you are >you can't feel the fire in my heart now and then >quenched not yet now take the time to prep and wait > >never thinking what you'd do now >i can't see the light in your soul > >but can we persevere through the things set before? >can we but save ourselves and leave another far behind >we can still answer these questions >before the time for reckoning comes > >here we go again with no problems >yet another obstacle overcome > >now we stand in the glow of our dream >standing here we can see some eternal point >G /// Dm /// Am /// C /// >coalesce in our hearts with the energy >C /// Am /// Dm /// G /// C >to make what is in us now reality > >pain is all you ever have to do >F /// Em /// G /// C // >make this feeling stay here with me >F /// Em /// G7 /// C (vib.) >make this feeling stay here with me > Perth*

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