Tablature love lifted me

Collective Soul
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Format : Love lifted me, Collective soul
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Love lifted me, Collective soul

Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 16:11:30 -0500 From: Pilgrim <> Subject: Love Lifted Me TAB Collective Soul Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid Love Lifted Me: Transcribed by Khanh Tran E-mail: [intro riff] x2 ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ /10-10-10 ~ 10-10-10-10-3-3-3 ~ 3-3-3-3-------- ------------------------------------------------ Just fill in a 10 or a 3 for those ~. You'll have to listen to the song to get the exact number of strums. There are alot of them and remember, they are slightly muted. [main riff] x2 --------------|---------|---------------|---------- --------------|---------|---------------|---------- --------------|-9-------|---------------|-9-------- --------------|-9---5-7-|---------------|-9---7-5-- --------------|-7---5-7-|---------------|-7---7-5-- 0-0-0-~-0-0-0-|---0-3-5-|-0-0-0-~-0-0-0-|---0-5-3-- [verse 1] (played with main riff) Wait just a second now Love's easier Lost than Found (play this part with a full G chord) G ------ .|||.. 3rd fret ------ |||.|| ------ |..||| 5th fret ------ So learn baby learn It's time to up and turn the other way (now go back and play that main riff) (play this part with that full G chord again) Yeah peace baby peace It's past time to release and fly away (play the main riff again) [chorus] (played with intro riff while strumming the chords on Guitar 2) G C Once I was down and couldn't see Then love lifted me G Yeah love; it was love C I believe that love lifted me (play main riff) [verse 2] (played with main riff) Hush not another sound Time to move up to higher ground (strum full G chord) Now time baby time No longer's on our side so make a way (play main riff) (strum full G chord) To ride baby ride And pull me upon high and fly away [chorus] [main riff] [bridge] Sorry, I don't want to ruin the lead on this bride. The backing chords are provided though. Play the A and G chords full, like the above G chord. G A G G A G Don't push me, don't shove me G A G G A G E Don't make me go down in flames A G G A G G A G Pull me to safety and help me G A G G E To feel no more pain (play normal chords for this last part) D A Come on just lift me up now just hang with the rhythm on an open low E string until the solo starts. I can't so the solo, but it is played over the main riff. After the solo ends, the intro riff is played a couple of times until the song fades out. -Pilgrim Come and visit my Web Page at: *************************************************************************** * "When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. * * When you sit on a red hot cinder a second seems like an hour. * * That's relativity." - Albert Einstein * ***************************************************************************

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love lifted me

Album : Hints Allegations & Things Left Unsaid

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Best Of Collective Soul

Best Of Collective Soul
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tablature love lifted me collective soul

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