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Format : This girl, Chumbawamba
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This girl, Chumbawamba

# Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 14:45:46 -0800 From: Christian Dyhre <> Subject: TAB: <This girl> by <Chumbawamba> Artist: Chumbawamba Song: This girl >From the album: Swingin' with Raymond Words and music by: Chumbawamba Transcribed by: Christian Dyhre This is basically the whole song. Fig.1 is in the Intro and then one time after each chorus. Fig.2 is after each verse. Good luck. Fig.1 {C} {G} {Am} {C} {F} {C} {F} {G} E----3-3--3-1-0-+------------------+----3-3--3-1-0-+------------------+ B---------------+-1----------------+---------------+-1----------------+ G---------------+------------------+---------------+------------------+ D---------------+------------------+---------------+------------------+ A---------------+------------------+---------------+------------------+ E---------------+------------------+---------------+------------------+ {C}This {G}gir{Am}l She didn't {C}turn out quite the {F}way she was sup{C}posed to do {F}{G}Ooh. {C}this {G}gir{Am}l She got {C}bored of all the {F}things they brought her {C}up to say {F}she {G}never ment them anyw{C}ay Fig.2 {G} {Am} {G} E---------------+------------------+ B-1------0------+------------------+ G---------------+-2-------0--------+ D---------------+------------------+ A---------------+------------------+ E---------------+------------------+ This girl She got caught out on the multi-storey car park Throwing goodbye notes wrapped up in bricks When they put her in the car She said "Jesus made me do it" But all the priests in all the world couldn't save this girl This girl Content with all the bloody noses, scabby knees you get from fighting wars like these Running past the tidy houses pulling faces This material world couldn't tempt this girl {F}Now she {G}entertains the {C}world and all it's {Am}mates {F}But she {G}doesn't fit {C}in {C} {F}Every{G}body thinks this {C}girl is {Am}great But she's {F}lacing all the {F}party drinks with {F}venom from a {F}poison {C}pen {G}{Am}{C}{F}{C}{F}{G} This girl She made a habit of habitually lying Does everybody's head in She knows what happens when the next stop that you see It's not the one that everyone expected it to be This girl Happy families round the supermarket check-out She loves to be the odd one out the part girl who stayed upstairs Playing musical chairs La-la, la-la-la She doesn't care This girl {F}Now she {G}entertains the {C}world and all it's {Am}mates {F}But she {G}doesn't fit {C}in {C} {F}Every{G}body thinks this {C}girl is {Am}great But she's {F}lacing all the {F}party drinks with {F}venom from a {F}poison {C}pen {G}{Am}{C}{F}{C}{F}{G} {C}This {G}gir{Am}l She didn't {C}turn out quite the {F}way she was sup{C}posed to do {F}O{G}o{C}oh. And now, just a few words words: "Open your eyes. It's time to wake up. Enough is enough. Give the fascist man a gunshot" Chumbawamba

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tablature this girl chumbawamba

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