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Horses On The Highway, Chuck Pyle, #2782764

Chuck Pyle
Horses On The Highway

#2782764 - Horses On The Highway Guitare
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 21:42:12 -0400 Horses on the Highway Artist: Chuck Pyle >From the "Step by Step" album Submitted by Joe Higgins email: This is not exactly what Chuck does but it is very close and will serve as a place to start when making this song part of your repertiore. The guitar part is really a series of riffs strung together. It is really difficult to place the words exactly where they should be on the tab, so I just showed which words go with which riff. Listen to Chuck sing it and then stylize it to yourself. Riff #1 D chord E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- B -----------3---------------3----------------3----------------------3---------- -------- G -----------2---------------2----------------2----------------------2---------- ------- D -----------0---------------0----------------0----------------------1---------- ------- A -------------------------------------3-------------------2------pull off------0------ D -----0------------0----------------------------------------------------------- -------- Riff #2A Bb chord C chord E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- B ------------------3------------------------------------5---------------------- ---------- G ------------3-----------3----------------------5------------5----------------- --------- D -------3----------------------------------5----------------------------------- ----------- A --1----------------------------------3---------------------------------------- ----------- D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- beat 1 2 3 4 Riff #2B E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- B ----------3-----6-----3-----------3------------------------------------------- ------- G ----------2-----2-----2-----------2----5------3------------------------------- ---- D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- A -----------------4------------------------4----------------------------------- ---------- D ----0-----------------------0------------------------------------------------- ---------- Riff #3 E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- B -----------8-------------6------3-----------------------3--------------------- ----- G -----------7-------------5------2-----------------5--------------------------- --- D ------------------------------------------0----------------------0------------ ----------- A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- D -----0-----------0--------------0-----------------0--------------------------- ---------- Riff #3 (cont) E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- G ------------5---------------4------1----------(5----4-----0)------------------ -------- D ------------5---------------0------0----------pull off------------------------------- A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- D -----0--------------0--------------------0------------------------------------ --------- beat 1 2 3 4 Riff #4A (Chorus) t=use thumb E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- B -----------7--------------------------5----------------------3---------------- -------- G -----------7--------------------------5----------------------4---------------- -------- D -----------7--------------------------5----------------------5------5t-------- -------- A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- D -----0------------0--------0---------0---------0-----------0------------------ ------ beat 1 2 3 4 horses on the high - way Riff #4B t=use thumb E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------- B ---------------5----------------3----------1---------------------------------- ------- G ---------------5----------------4----------2---------------------------------- ------- D ---------------5----------------5----------3--------3t----------------3t------ --- A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- D -----0------------------0------0-----------0--------------0------------------- ------- beat 1 2 3 4 fen - ces down to the ain't no fen - cin' de- Riff #4C E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- G -----------------5--------------4--------1------------------------------------ -------- D -----------------5--------------0--------0-------------------(5----4----0)---- -------- A ------------------------------------------------------------------------pull off-------- D -------0-----------------0-----------------------0---------------------------- -------- beat 1 2 3 4 Here is how the various riffs fit into the song: (Riff 1 repeated over and over) Saw your other lover on the road last night So close I brushed his sleeve Felt my old reaction but I did not throw down Didn't want to bring him the release (Riff 2A) (Riff 2B) One and one and one other is three (Riff 2A) (Riff 2B) Three is such a painful way to be (Riff 2A) (Riff 2B) Either your with him or your with me (Riff 2A) (Riff 3) Gotta set one of us free REFRAIN (See Tab) (Riff 4A) Horses on the highway (Riff 4B) (Riff 4C twice) Fences down to the wire (Riff 4A) Horses on the highway (Riff 4B) (Riff 4C twice) Ain't no fencin' desire Bridge using Riff 2A once - then goe to Riff 1 Free as a cloud wanders the sky My rider's by myside Makin' a run down to Ohi Wanna come along for the ride Somebody's steady rollin' man Don't want nobodies second hand If you've been makin' other plans Better find a safe place to stand REFRAIN Cupid took a shot divided by the sun Into two separate sides One side was light the other was dark As dark as part of my mine One's a sun one's a moon theat merely shine Everything in the sky is not divine Either your his or your mine Gotta be just one at a time REFRAIN Horses on the highway Fences down to the wirew Horses on the highway Ain't no fencin' desire ======================================================== Horses on the highway, de Chuck pyle ========================================================

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