Tablature tight levis and yellow ribb

Chris Ledoux
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Format : Tight levis and yellow ribb, Chris ledoux
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Tight levis and yellow ribb, Chris ledoux

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 1/31/98; 7:36:50 PM From: cowboy@laughlin.net (Ken Bennett) Subject: "Tight Levis and Yellow Ribbons" by "Chris LeDoux" Tight Levis and Yellow Ribbons by G. Sutton and Red Steagall As performed by Chris LeDoux Transcribed by Ken Bennett (cowboy@laughlin.net) D A I was born and raised in the red clay hills of Texas D In the land where the grass gets only beer can tall G Thatâs where I learned to cuss and fight and chew Brown Mule Tobacco Em A Fix windmills Îfore I was five years old G D I rode every head of stock from the Gulf to Kansas City A Runninâ wild is all Iâve ever known G D But this cowboyâs got a weakness for Tight Levis and Yellow Ribbons G A D And thereâs somethinâ Îbout Îem I canât leave alone Chorus G A D Tight Levis and Yellow Ribbons make a cowboy swim a river G A D That before he jumps, he knows is way too wide G A D And theyâll make him throw a saddle on a bronc heâs never seen G A D And one he knows heâll never break to ride D A I met her at a rodeo in Douglas, Arizona D Iâd drawn the rankest horse a man could draw Well, I rode him tall and spurred him high G And when I made the whistle A The crowd went wild but she was all I saw G D That night we had a beer or two with friends of mine from Dallas D She smiled and said she loved the Texas drawl G D And I felt like Roy Rogers did in all those cowboy movies G A G A D ÎCuz I became the hero, got the money, girl and all Chorus

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tablature tight levis and yellow ribb chris ledoux

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