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Chris Ledoux
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Format : The winner, Chris ledoux
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The winner, Chris ledoux

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 1/31/98; 7:38:34 PM From: cowboy@laughlin.net (Ken Bennett) Subject: "The Winner" by "Chris LeDoux" The Winner by Gary McMahan As performed by Chris LeDoux Transcribed by Ken Bennett (cowboy@laughlin.net) D A When he was a boy dreamed of beinâ a man G D Probably dreamed every thing that a young boy can Bm Heâs a lover, a fighter, a saddle bronc rider D A D An all-around hell of a hand Chorus D A And the spot lights on the sawdust that shines in his brain G D And his dreams are the bones in his soul Bm And thereâs rivers of dance halls and wild, red eyeballs D A D On the road to the big rodeo Well the chutes are all loaded, the riggins are set Lord, the cowboyâs ready to ride Well itâs pull down his hat and he spit out his chew Thereâll be a hot time in the old town tonight The horse in chute eight, heâs a kickinâ the gate Lord, heâs big and heâs hard and heâs crazy And the chute boss is a hollerinâ ãCome on boys, get on Îem. Iâm commencinâ to think youâre all lazyä Chorus Instrumental riff With his spurs in his shoulders, the horse comes unglued Itâs like ridinâ some kind of explosion And the bronc he starts spinninâ, the cowboyâs a grinninâ Doinâ fine there in all the commotion The crowdâs on its feet, the whistle she blows And the pick-up men rush to his side As they pull him away, he hears one of them say ãLooks to me like a winninâ rideä Chorus (with change) And the spot lights on the sawdust that shines in his brain And his dreams are the bones in his soul And itâs all cominâ true, right in front of his eyes ÎCuz heâs the feller who won the big rodeo

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tablature the winner chris ledoux

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