Tablature the buckskin lady

Chris Ledoux
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Format : The buckskin lady, Chris ledoux
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The buckskin lady, Chris ledoux

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 11/15/97; 6:33:14 PM From: Dakota4954@aol.com Subject: "The Buckskin Lady" by Bob Frank, perf. by Chris LeDoux Transcribed by Diron Ahlquist (Dakota4954@aol.com) THE BUCKSKIN LADY by Bob Frank [performed by Chris LeDoux] [STRUM] [C]Now, I’ve got a pony, the [F]fastest thing a[G]round, And of [C]all the girls I’ve known she’s the [F]truest [G]one I’ve [C]found. Well, she’ll [F]cut ‘em and she’ll head ‘em just the [C]way you want ‘em turned, And if you [G]drop your loop around ‘em, she can [C]make a grass rope hum, And any [F]time you got a rodeo, and [C]I’ve got the entry fee, You can [G]bet your boots my [F]gal and I will [C]come. CHORUS [C]Whoopee-ti-d-idi-ido on the [F]plains of Colo[G]rado That young [C]pony was [F]born to work the [G]trail. Some old [C]Idaho rawhider was the [F]first one tried to [G]ride her, Bronco [C]buster, wild horse [F]rustler, well she [G]flipped him off like a turkey feather duster. [STRUM] [C]Now, some folks like a Cadillac with [F]power brakes and [G]air, Just [C]give me a Hamlee saddle and my [F]little [G]buckskin [C]mare. [C]Well, I [F]rode her up a mountain when we [C]made that summer drive, And I [G]took her to Wyomin’ for a [C]rodeo or two, At old Chey[F]enne and Saratoga, we [C]roped them little dogies, She the [G]best ole gal this [F]cowboy ever [C]knew. [STRUM] [C]When she gets to old to rodeo too [F]old to ride the [G]range, I’ll [C]take the Buckskin Lady out ac[F]ross the [G]open [C]plains. [C]Cause she’s [F]just an ole cow pony and I [C]know she’d go plum crazy If she [G]had to stand unsaddled around the [C]barn the whole day through I’ll just [F]turn her loose to ramble under[C]neath them Rocky Mountains And [G]tell ‘em that her [F]workin’ days are [C]through. CHORUS [C]Whoopee-ti-d-idi-ido on the [F]plains of Colo[G]rado, That’s my [F]pony sir and I [G]say she ain’t for [C]sale.

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tablature the buckskin lady chris ledoux

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