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Chris Ledoux
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Format : Our first years, Chris ledoux
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Our first years, Chris ledoux

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 8/15/97; 4:01:10 PM From: Dakota4954@aol.com Subject: "Our First Year", by Chris LeDoux This song is found on Chris LeDoux's "Sing Me a Song, Mr. Rodeo Man" that came out in 1992. Play it with a simple "pluck, strum, pluck, strum". OUR FIRST YEARS, by Chris LeDoux Transcribed by Diron Ahlquist [D]The winter wind was blowin' when we [G]loaded that old truck With a [A7]few things that we had and all our [D]dreams. With my [D]new bride there beside me we [G]headed down the road [A7]I would show her places and [G]things she'd [A7]never [D]seen [D]First we went to Denver, Fort [G]Worth, then San Antone She [A7]cheered me on at every rode[D]o, But [D]Houston finally ended and then [G]San Angelo I [A7]didn't want to tell her but she [G]knew that [A7]we were [D]broke. CHORUS But she [G]never com[A7]plained when the [D]winnin's didn't come [G]She just [A7]took it all in [D]stride, And if [G]I rode good or [A7]bit the dust, [D]she was just as proud [G]She was happy [A7]bein' by my [D]side [D]Then in California the [G]baby started showin' And [A7]all her clothes were gettin' way too [D]small We [D]couldn't spare the money to [G]buy her any new ones [A7]She just wore my shirt and jeans and [G]didn't [A7]mind at [D]all. And [D]early in the mornin' we'd [G]wake up by the roadside [A7]I'd build a fire and she'd get out the [D]eggs She'd [D]cook us up some breakfast then we'd [G[sit down there on the grass [A7]Lord, those were the best meals I [G]guess I [A7]ever [D]ate. CHORUS Well [D]now those days are over, and [G]somehow we got ahead That [A7]little gal I married's still here with [D]me We [D]finally got the house we planned [G]down there beside the stream And [A7]all those old hard times are just [G]cherished [A7]memor[D]ies. CHORUS [G]She was happy [A7]bein' by my [D]side.

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tablature our first years chris ledoux

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