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Chris Ledoux
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Format : Horses and cattle, Chris ledoux
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Horses and cattle, Chris ledoux

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 11/20/97; 12:31:36 AM From: Dakota4954@aol.com Subject: "Horses and Cattle", Chris LeDoux "Horses and Cattle" performed by Chris LeDoux on his "Rodeo & Living Free" album, 1974. written by Bob Frank, Painted Arrow Music (ASCAP) transcribed by Diron Ahlquist PLAY THIS IN 3/4 TIME WITH A NICE, STEADY "PLUCK, STRUM, STRUM" PATTERN. [C]My home’s in Montana, I [F]wear a bandana, My [C]spurs are silver, my horse is a [G]bay. And [C]I’ve been a-roamin’ all [F]over Wyomin’, There’s [C]plenty of work, but there [G]ain’t too much [C]pay. [F]Me and a few boys we [C]signed on at Dubois, To [C]feed through the winter and camp out a[G]while. Come a [C]hard hittin’ norther from the [F]Montana border, We [C]tallied the frozen ones [G]mile after [C]mile. [C]Well they give you your three squares and a [F]bunk to sleep there, And [C]just enough wages to keep you a[G]round. But with [C]no place to spend it and [F]nowhere to send it, You can [C]stay out of debt if you [G]stay out of [C]town. CHORUS It’s [F]horses and cattle and a [C]double rig saddle, With a [C]stout line, a catch twine, and a good ropin’ [G]arm. Wher[C]ever there’s ranches, I’ve been [F]takin’ my chances, >From [C]sunrise to sunset since the [G]day I was [C]born. [C]We struck out for Laramie [F]early one Saturday, [C]Spring was a breakin’ the grass turnin’ [G]green. Well, [C]I took a hand in some [F]fast movin’ brandin’, When they [C]offered top wages at the [G]Bar Seven[C]teen. We [F]followed a rodeo [C]clear up to Codeo, [C]Tryin’ to ride me a bronco or [G]two. Well, I [C]busted some hosses for [F]two or three bosses, And [C]lost all the wages that [G]ever I [C]drew. [C]Well it’s hell and high water for the [F]Idaho border, Where [C]I’ve got a gal if that letter don’t [G]lie. If she [C]gives me a reason to [F]stay through the season, I’ll [C]take her to Elko when the [F]snow starts to [C]fly. CHORUS

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tablature horses and cattle chris ledoux

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