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Chris Ledoux
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Format : The bull rider, Chris ledoux
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The bull rider, Chris ledoux

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 1/8/98; 12:24:10 AM From: cowboy@laughlin.net (Ken Bennett) Subject: "The Bullrider" by "Chris LeDoux" THE BULL RIDER by CHRIS LeDOUX Transcribed by Ken Bennett This is my version of the "Bullrider" from the album Songs of Rodeo Life" I think Chris originally did it in Eb but I found it was easier to play in C. He also used a lot of up-strokes and if played right they really make a difference. C F I was sittin' in a bar room one rainy afternoon C F Tellin' stories about a rodeo and listenin' to a tune C F The rodeo starts tomorrow in this one horse town G7 F C So Bill took our names and put our entries down C F I went to the rodeo office the next day to see C F What bareback horse I had and to pay my fees C F I looked across the list but my name wasn't to be found G7 F C I thought Bill just might have forgot to put me down C F I looked across the board and I happened to find C F My name was on another list I was in the bull ridin' C F My knees began to knock and my face began to sweat G7 F C And I heaved and gagged on the rodeo office step C F Well I may be a fool but a coward I'm not C F So I borrowed myself a bull rope with a bell in the knot C F I walked into the arena with them other bull ridin' fools G7 F C I walked down the chutes and finally found my bull C F Then I put my rope in the middle of his back C F And had some cowboy pull up the slack C F Then I wrapped the tail around my hand and back G7 F C And said boys open that gate just a little bitty crack C F Well the bull hit the gate with his head C F And I could see over his hump that his eyes were red C F He bailed out of there with a big snort and beller G7 F C And something inside me told me I was yeller C F Well the dust and hair and flies from off of his hump C F Did wisk to my nose as he made another jump C F And the stink of it all was more than I could stand G7 F C So I jerked my wrap and opened up my hand C F Well he jumped in the air and he made one more turn C F And as the rope slid through my hand it sure did burn C F He flung me down in a great big heap G7 F C Then right in the middle of me he did leap no chord C(single strum) F(single strum) With his feet in my belly a standin' in place C(single strum) F(single strum) That dirty filthy old bull blew snot in my face C F So them damned old bulls you can run'em in a chute C F And put your ropes on them big galloots C F But the closest you're gonna find me to their stinkin' hair G7 F C Is to help some other fool get flung in the air

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tablature the bull rider chris ledoux

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