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Chris De Burgh
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Format : Patriciathestripper, Chris de burgh
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Patriciathestripper, Chris de burgh

# PatriciaTheStripper.cho # output of TXT2CHO v0.1 17.02.94 # for automatically created .CHO - files # {t:Patricia The Stripper} {st:Words & Music: Chris De Burgh} # [F]Dennis is a menace with his [A7]'anyone for tennis?' and bese[Dm]eching me to come and keep the s[F7]core. And M[Hb]aud say 'Oh Lord, I'm so[Hbm] terribly bored. I [F]really can't s[Dm]tand it [G7/D]anymore[C7].' I'm going [F]out to dinner with a g[A7]orgeous singer to a l[Dm]ittle place I found down by the [F7]quay her [Hb]name is Patricia, she [Hbm]calls herself Delicia and the [F]reason isn't[Dm] very hard to [G9]see. [C7]She says '[F]God made her a sinner just to keep [A7]fat man thinner as they [Dm]tumble down in heaps before her f[F7]eet. They h[Hb]ang around in groups like b[Hbm]attle weary troops one can of[F]ten see them q[Dm]ueue right down the st[G9]reet. [C7]You see Pat[Hb]ricia (or Delicia) not o[A7]nly is a singer she a[Dm]lso removes all her clot[G7]hing [C7]for Pa[Hb]tricia is the best [C] stripper in town. [F] [Hb] [F] [F] And [C7]with a [F]swing of her hips she s[D7]tarted to strip to tre[Gm]mendous applause she t[C7]ook of her drawers and with a l[F]ick of her lips she undid[D7] all her clips and threw it a[Dm]ll in the air - ev'[C]rybody stared and as the [Hb]last piece of clothing fell[A7] on the floor the police[F] were banging on the door[D7] on a sa[Gm]turday night in n[C]ineteen-twentyf[F]our. [Hb] Take it aw[F]ay boys. [C7] [F] [D7] [Gm(7)] [C7] [F] [D7] [Gm] [C] [F] {c:instrumental} [C7]But poor P[F]atricia was arrested and e[A7]veryone detested the [Dm]manner in which she was exposed[F7] [Hb]later on in court well [Hbm]everybody thought a sum[F]mer run in jai[Dm]l would be proposed[G9]. [C7]But the jud[Hb]ge said 'Patricia, or m[A7]ay I say Delicia, the f[Dm]acts of this case lie before [G7]me [C7]case dismissed [Hb]this girl was in her wo[C]rking clothes. [F] [Hb] [F] And with a swing of her hips... and as the [Hb]last piece of clothing fell[A7] on the floor the police[F] were yelling at the door[D7] on a sa[Gm]turday night in n[C7]ineteen-twentyfour[F] - [F7] [D7] on a sa[Gm7]turday night in n[C7]ineteen-twentyfour.[F] [F7] [Hb] [Hbm] [C7] Oh yea[F7]h. # {define G9 base-fret 1 frets x x 0 2 0 1}

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