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Lucky Man, Charlie Major, #2793782

Charlie Major
Lucky Man

#2793782 - Lucky Man Guitare
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 12/17/97; 4:33:23 PM From: Mike Nolan <> Subject: [Fwd: "Lucky man 2" by Charlie Major] Chalie Major "Lucky Man" CAPO2 INTRO G-Em-D G-Em-D G Em D Got a good women who cares for me G Em D Whenever I'm in need, shes there for me G C D Steady as a rock and a comfort to me. G I,m a lucky man. G Em D Got a couple of kids, They,ve turned out alright G Em D They,ve got respect and they treat people right G C D In these wild times they still come home at night. G I'm a lucky man. CHORUS C G But sometimes I feel life is passin me by, C G And nights I cant sleep when I close my eyes C G Somtimes I feel like its out of my hands, C D theres so many things I don't understand, G C-D G But I'm a lucky man, Oh! I'm a lucky man. G Em D Got a good job down at the local mill, G Em D Puts clothes on our backs and it pays some bills, G C D Come saturday night it buys a few thrills, G I'm a lucky man. G Em D Got a few friends I can call them true, G Em D In a tough situation they always come true, G C D They dont question these things that I do, G I'm a lucky man. REPEAT CHORUS G Em D Got a place under the open sky G Em D I know I'm going when it comes the time, G C D For me to leave this old world behind G C-D G I'm a lucky man, Oh! I'm a lucky man C-D G C-D G Oh! I'm a lucky man, Oh! I'm a lucky man. I previously sent this but the chords got mixed up when I changed from a word processor document to plain text, I notice this a lot in other songs I've gotten from the net, now I know why. SUBMITTED BY: MIKE NOLAN REGARDS ======================================================== Lucky man, de Charlie major ========================================================

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