Tablature drive you out of my mind

Charlie Major
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Format : Drive you out of my mind, Charlie major
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Drive you out of my mind, Charlie major

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 10/23/96; 1:22:55 AM From: Darragh Egan <> Subject: Drive You Out Of My Mind.CRD by Charlie Major CHARLIE MAJOR I'M GONNA DRIVE YOU OUT OF MY MIND Written by Charlie Major and Barry Brown - 1993, Corner Club Publishing Inc. (SOCAN) Transcribed from Charlie Major's CD, "The Other Side" - 1993, Arista Records / BMG Music Canada Inc. RIFF: | A E | F#m C#m | A E | F#m C#m |E |E | | | | |-/// |-/// INTRO: [Play riff twice - fairly fast pace] A Headlight beam cuts through the night C#m E D Like the point of this knife you drove through my heart. A Your goodbye words ringing in my ears, C#m E D The ones I never thought I'd hear, are tearing me apart. F#m E D - E A Now I'm racing down this highway trying to outrun the wind; F#m E D - E A Trying to make some sense of what I can't comprehend. F#m E D D And I'll keep on driving girl, 'till I run out of road, D D E E Or I fall off the edge of this world. CHORUS: A A I'm gonna drive you out of my mind. F#m F#m I'm gonna leave this memory behind. E D - E If it takes ten thousand miles, I'll keep driving day and night D - E[stop] [play riff once] Till I drive you out of my mind. A lovers' moon is taunting me With every mile I put between you and these broken dreams. I slam my foot down to the floor Trying hard to push for more, but still - your face I see. I'm riding that thin red line out on the edge of control; Trying to get a grasp on what I can't get a hold. And I'll keep on driving girl, 'till I run out of road, Or I fall off the edge of this world. [CHORUS, then play RIFF twice] F#m E D D I'll keep on driving girl, 'till I run out of road, D D E E Or I fall off the edge of this world. [into CHORUS] OUTRO: |A E |F#m C#m |A E |F#m C#m |E |E Gonna drive you out of my mind. [Repeat last line once, then repeat riff and fade] Transcribed by Darragh Egan <> Please send any corrections directly to me. I've tried to write out the riff as simply as possible, with representing a downstrum, / representing an upstrum, and | representing the start of a measure. It's pretty close to what's on the CD. In the verses and chorus, each letter usually represents two measures of music unless the letters are connected by a hyphen. The exception is for the verse starting with "Now I'm racing down..." and the half-verse before the last chorus. These are only one measure for each letter unless connected by a hyphen. *But remember, the tempo is very fast.

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tablature drive you out of my mind charlie major

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