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Tracy Chapman
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Format : New beginning album, Tracy chapman
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New beginning album, Tracy chapman

[PREV] [UP] [NEXT] GUITAR / New Beginning GUITAR CHORDS NEW BEGINNING ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Image]Give Me One Reason [Image]I'm Ready [Image]Smoke and Ashes [Image]The Promise ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- GIVE ME ONE REASON It's a 12bar blues in G flat. Remember to flatten all these chords. G, G, C, D, G, G C, C, C, D, G, G D, D, C, C, G, G Repeat. Here are the tabs: ____________________________ |2,3... e|-----||---------2-----------------------2-----------2---| b|-----||-----2---2-2-----4-----6-----2---2-2-----2---2-2-| g|-----||.----3-----3-----4-----6-----3-----3-----3-----3-| d|-----||.----4-----4-----4---6-------4-----4-----4-----4-| a|-----||-------------0-2---4-----------------------------| e|-0-0-||-0-2---2-----------------0-2---2-----0-2---2-----| e|---------------------------------2-----------2---| b|-----4---4-------4---6-------2---2-2-----2---2-2-| g|-----4---4-4-----4---6-6-----3-----3-----3-----3-| d|-----4-----4-----4-----6-----4-----4-----4-----4-| a|-0-2---2-----0-2---4-----------------------------| e|-------------------------0-2---2-----0-2---2-----| e|---------------------------------2-----------2----|| b|-----6---6-------4---4-------2---2-2-----2---2-2--|| g|-----6---6-6-----4---4-4-----3-----3-----3-----3-.|| d|-----6-----6-----4-----4-----4-----4-----4-----4-.|| a|-0-4---4-----0-2---2------------------------------|| e|-------------------------0-2---2-----0-2---2------|| The solo is just blues in G flat, using this pattern: e|----------9----12--14--| b|-----------10--12-(14)-| Numbers in brackets are only bent to, g|----------9--11---(14)-| they are never picked. d|-------7--9--11--------| All fills are in this pattern aswell. a|-------7--9------------| e|-2--5--7--9------------| Transcribed by Ryan BOOKER <> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm Ready Fmaj7 654321 x33210 CHORDS: Main: Fmaj7, C, G, F. e||-0-----------------|--------------|------------|---------------|| b||-------------------|--------------|------------|---------------|| g||---0-0(2)-0-0(2)-0-|--------------|------------|--------------.|| d||-3---3------3------|---0-0(2)-0---|--0-0(2)---0|----0(2)-0----.|| a||-------------------|-3-----------0|---------3--|--3--------3-2-|| e||-------------------|--------------|3-----------|1--------------|| Break Down After First Verse: Dsus2, G-, F, Fmaj7, C, Dsus2, G-, F, ...(Can't Get the last couple of chords) Dsus2 G- F Fmaj7 C e|---------|----------|-1--------|-----------| b|-3-------|-0--------|-1--------|-1----1----| g|-2-------|-0--------|-2--------|-2----0----| d|-0-------|-0--------|-3--------|-3----2----| a|---------|-2--------|-3--------|------3----| e|---------|-3--------|-1--------|-----------| Repeat Main... The end is the last two bars of the main progression repeated (with slight variations) until the fade out. Transcibed by Ryan BOOKER <> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Smoke and Ashes CHORDS: E major and Asus2 (002200) INTRODUCTION: Asus2 Asus2 ----------0----------0----------0-----------------0----------0---------0---- -------------0----------0----------------------------0----------0----------- ---2------------2-----------2--------------2-------------2---------2-------- ---2---------------------------------------2-------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...continued... E E ----------0----------0----------0--------------0----------0----------0------ -------------0-----------0-------------------------0---------0-------------- -----1----------1------------1-----------1-------------1---------1---------- -----2-----------------------------------2---------------------------------- -----2-----------------------------------2---------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Through the verses and chorus, just strum the chords. If you have two guitars playing at once, one guitar playing the arpeggiation in the intro sounds cool. VERSES AND CHORUS: Play the same chords as in the introduction. Transcribed by Jonathan Powell <> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Promise D(xx0232), D/C#(x4x232), D/B(x2x032), D/A(x0x232), D/F#(2xx232) G(320033) A(x02220) Bm(x24432) (this is tuned down 1/2 step) INTRO (listen to the CD and pick on the rhythm): D D/C# D/B D/A (repeat twice) D /C# /B /A D /C# /B /A If you wait for me then I'll come for you G A Bm A Although I've traveled far G A Bm G A D /C# /B /A I always hold a place for you in my heart If you think of me, If you miss me once in awhile Then I'll return to you D /C# /B /A I'll return and fill that space in your heart Bm Remembering G Your touch A Your kiss D /C# /B Your warm embrace G A D /C# /B I'll find my way back to you G A D /C# /B /A D /C# /B /A If you'll be waiting If you dream of me like I dream of you In a place that's warm and dark In a place where I can feel the beating of your heart Chorus I've longed for you and I have desired To see your face your smile To be with you wherever you are Remembering Your touch Your kiss Your warm embrace I'll find my way back to you D /C# /B /A Bm Please say you'll be waiting G A Together again D /C# /B It would feel so good to be G A In your arms D /C# /B Where all my journeys end G A If you can make a promise D /C# /B G A If it's one that you can keep, I vow to come for you G A D /C# /B /A /F# G A Bm If you wait for me and say you'll hold G A (pause) D /C# /B /A A place for me in your heart D /C# /B /A A place for me in your heart A place for me in your heart A place for me in your heart. ---->(end on D) Transcribed by Alon Drori & bOaZ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top of document

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tablature new beginning album tracy chapman

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