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Format : Never let go, Camel
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Never let go, Camel

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Never Let Go - from Camel's first album Here comes a Camel favourit. It seems like I'm into transcribing chords from the first Camel album (could it be that it's the only album which can still be tabbed by an amature 'tabber' like me?). Coming next time: "Slow Yourself Down", Congas not included. The transcription is based on both original version and the 'Never Let Go' live version. I suppose the C chord on the chorus is really another Am7, but it's hard for me to decide. Anyway - it's a great song and it even sounds great with one guitar. Bass line is not included this time. Better figure it out yourself 'cos it is as simple as only Doug Ferguson can get. Viva Ferguson! Why did he ever leave the band? :-< Oh! Almost forgot! The tab was created using my new and incomplete TAB MASTER program for tabbing guitar. When it's finished - you may all have it, available for free on the net. Blah blah blah. Enough of that! Enjoy! Comments etc are, as always, welcome. Ofir Zwebner e-mail: Never Let Go ------------ By Andrew Latimer Performed by Camel on _Camel_ (c) 1973 and on many many many live performances Intro: Em e:------9--------7--------5--------7--------5-----| B:---------0--------0--------0--------0--------0--| G:------------0--------0--------0--------0--------| D:------------------------------------------------| A:------------------------------------------------| E:0-----------------------------------------------| Am7 e:------------------------------------------------| B:------0-----------------------------------------| G:---------------2--------0--------2--------------| D:---------2--------2--------2-----------2--------| A:3-----------3--------3--------3-----------3-----| E:------------------------------------------------| Bm7 e:------------------------------------------------| B:------------------------------------------------| G:------2--------0-----------------0--------------| D:---------0--------0-----4--------------4--------| A:2-----------2--------2-----2--2-----------2-----| E:------------------------------------------------| C e:------------------------------------------------| B:------------------------------------------------| G:------2--------0--------4--------0--0--2--------| D:---------0--------0--------0--------------0--2--| A:3-----------3--------3--------3-----------------| E:------------------------------------------------| repeat intro 4 times, on the last two add the chords above (originally on keyboard) Am7 e:0-----------------------------------------------| B:------0-----------------------------------------| G:------------5-----------------------------------| D:------------------5-----------------------------| A:------------------------------------------------| E:------------------------------------------------| Bm7 e:2-----------------------------------------------| B:------0-----------------------------------------| G:------------4-----------------------------------| D:------------------4-----------------------------| A:------------------------------------------------| E:------------------------------------------------| repeat one more times before singing starts. Play this guitar 'line' through the same chords on the song. Am7 Bm7 Crazy creatures of our doom Am7 Bm7 Telling us there is no room. Am7 Bm7 Not enough for all mankind Am7 Bm7 And the seas of time are running dry. C Bm Don't they know it's a lie... Em Am7 Man is born with the will to survive, Bm7 C He'll not take no for an answer. Em Am7 He will get by, somehow he'll try, Bm7 C Em He won't take no, never let go, no... repeat twice the Am7 - Bm7 section and then: I hear them talk about Kingdom Come, I hear them discuss Armageddon... They say the hour is getting late, But I can still hear someone say, This is not the way... Man is born with the will to survive, He'll not take no for an answer. He will get by, somehow he'll try, He won't take no, never let go, no... Organ solos (originally a melotron "flute" sound): Em | Bm7 | Em | Bm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 C | Bm7 | Em | Em | Em Repeat intro, then play chorus again, repeat chorus chords till fade, adding guitar solo.

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Camélia Jordana

Camélia Jordana
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tablature never let go camel

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