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Cuts Like A Knife, Bryan Adams, #586

Bryan Adams
Cuts Like A Knife

Cuts Like A Knife Bryan Adams verse 1:(repeat D | G Cadd2 for verses) D G C(add2) D G (Caad2) Drivin home this evening,I could of sworn we had it all worked out. You had this boy believin' way beyond the shadow of a doubt. Then I heard it on the street, I heard you might have found somebody new. D Well who is he baby ? G D Who is he and tell me what he means to you ? A I took it all for granted, Bm C(add2) G But how was I to know that you'd be letting go. CHORUS: D G C(add2) Now it cuts like a knife, D G C(add2) But it feels so right. D G C(add2) D G C(add2) It cuts like a knife but it feels so right There's time I've been mistaken There's times I thought I'd been misunderstood So wait a minute darlin'. Can't you see we did the best we could? This wouldn't be the first time Things have go astray Now you've thrown it all away. Ok it is not much, but I hope I helped anyone. If the chords are not exactly there where they should be, then place them there by yourself. There is a part at the end when you play D for some time and then again begin with D-G-Cadd2. (At least on my live track) Corrections,sugestions,flames,E-mails,... are welcome. ======================================================== Cuts like a knife, de Bryan adams ========================================================

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