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Bruce Springsteen
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Format : Onestepup, Bruce springsteen
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Onestepup, Bruce springsteen

# transcribed by Gunnar Bittersmann <gunnar@cs.tu-berlin.de> # based upon a transcription by Brad Armstrong <an257@freenet.carlton.ca> {t:One Step Up} {st:Bruce Springsteen} #from "Tunnel of Love" {define:Bb6 base-fret 4 frets 0 3 0 0 2 3} {define:C4 base-fret 4 frets 0 3 2 2 0 -1} {define:F2/A base-fret 4 frets 0 3 2 0 0 2} {define:gm7 base-fret 4 frets 0 3 0 2 2 0} {c:capo on 3rd fret} {c:INTRO} [Bb6]______[F2/A]______[gm7]______[F2/A]______ [Bb6] Woke up this morning the house was cold [F2/A] Checked the furnace she wasn't burnin' [gm7] Went out and hopped in my old Ford [F2/A] Hit the engine but she ain't turnin' [Bb6] We've given each other some hard lessons lately [F2/A] But we ain't learnin' We're[gm7] the same sad [F2/A]story that's a [Bb6]fact One step [C4]up and two steps [Bb6]back [F2/A]______[gm7]______[F2/A]______ Bird on a [Bb6]wire outside my motel room [F2/A] But he ain't singin' [gm7] Girl in white outside a church in June [F2/A] But the church bells they ain't ringing [Bb6] I'm sittin' here in this bar tonight [F2/A] But all I'm thinkin' is [gm7] I'm the same old [F2/A]story same old [Bb6]act One step [C4]up and two steps [Bb6]back [F2/A]______[gm7]______[F2/A]______ [Bb6] It's the same thing night on night [F2/A] Who's wrong baby who's right [gm7] Another fight and I slam the door on [F2/A] Another battle in our dirty little war [Bb6] When I look at myself I don't see [F2/A] The man I wanted to be [gm7] Somewhere along the [F2/A]line I slipped off [Bb6]track I'm caught movin' one step [C4]up and two steps [Bb6]back [F2/A]______[gm7]______[F2/A]______ [Bb6] There's a girl across the bar I[F2/A] get the message she's sending [gm7] Mmm she ain't lookin' too married [F2/A] And me well honey I'm pretending [Bb6] Last night I dreamed I held you in my arms [F2/A] The music was never-ending We [gm7]danced as the evening [F2/A]sky faded to [Bb6]black One step [C4]up and two steps [Bb6]back [F2/A]______[gm7]______[F2/A]______ {c:FADE OUT} |:[Bb6]______[F2/A]______[gm7]______[F2/A]______:|

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tablature onestepup bruce springsteen

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