Tablature patience of angels

Boo Hewerdine
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Format : Patience of angels, Boo hewerdine
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Patience of angels, Boo hewerdine

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Date: 5 Jan 1996 10:15:07 +0000 From: "Boulton, Nic" <Nic.Boulton@mcl.co.uk> Subject: /h/Boo Hewerdine/Patience of Angels.crd Patience of Angels (Boo Hewerdine) ---------------------------------- Written & performed by Boo Hewerdine, but I don't know of a recording of it by him. Eddi Reader has recorded it, it's on her first album (called Eddi Reader!) G D C D From the top of the bus she thought she saw him wave she saw Tuesdays and forgetfulness and a little money saved Does she know ? I don't know but from here I can tell [Chorus]: G D C D That it would try the patience of angels it would try the patience of angels G D C D And you know something's wrong when the morning hurts your eyes <and the baby won't stop crying> you'll be waiting 'til you die Would I be any good and if I was would I find [Chorus] G D C D There's a door in a wall in a house in a street <in a town where no-one knows her name> she's the patience of angels G D C D Does she know? I don't know but from here I can tell There's a door in a wall in a house in a street <in a town where no-one knows her name> she's the patience of angels Strumming is: |x-----------------x-x------x--------x--------x--------| = 1 bar beats 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 beats per bar, one chord per bar. Play the 6th beat as the top 4 strings open (DGBe = ?Gadd6) in every bar. (This sounds right and it gives you ages to make the chord change!) Suggest picking out the lines marked < x > by singing them an octave higher than the rest. Chords are standard (open) fingerings. This G D C D stuff is a bit of an oversimplification. Live, there seems to be some melody going on on the top two strings, but I haven't worked out what he's doing. Still, this should be enough to carry the tune in the Underground/Subway! Boo plays this live in Db (capo at 6th fret), Eddi Reader's album version is in Bb (capo 3), I can't get above B (Capo 4) if I'm going to hit the next octave in the vocal- just play it in as high a key as you can. Also, if it's quiet you can try an arpeggio intro: E ----------3------------------2----------------0---------------2----- || B ------------3--------------2---3----------------1-----------2---3--- || G --------------4----------3-------2----------0-----0-------3-------2-.|| D --------5-----------0---------------------2-----------0-------------.|| A ------5-------------------------------3----------------------------- || E -3------------------------------------------------------------------ || G(barre 3) D C D All comments, corrections, improvements etc. welcome. Nic Nic.Boulton@mercury.co.uk

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tablature patience of angels boo hewerdine

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