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Bon Jovi
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Format : Never say goodbye, Bon jovi
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Never say goodbye, Bon jovi

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Hi, this is my version of Bon Jovis 'Never say goodbye' from the 'Slippery when wet' album 1986. Actually it is the 'unplugged' version from one of these many Live CDs and it is in the wrong key too:-), because it easyer to sing. The correct key would be one step higher. Just change G -> A, bm -> c#m, F -> G and so on.In the intro you have to add 2 to every fret number. If you have the possibility sing it as a duet in the chorus (listen to the live CD) it is quite beautiful and not that type of heavy-standard-ballad as it is on the studio LP. Enjoy Never say goodbye (J.B.Jovi & R.Sambora) Intro G bm C cm G e|------7-|------7-|-8-7------|-8-7------|---| b|---10---|---10---|-----10-8-|-----10-8-|---| G|-7------|-7------|----------|----------|-7-| D|--------|--------|----------|----------|---| A|--------|--------|----------|----------|---| E|--------|--------|----------|----------|---| Verse 1 G bm As I sit in this smoky room the night about to end F C I pass my time with strangers, but the bottle's my only friend G bm Remember when we used to park on Butler Street out in the dark F C Remember when we lost the keys and you lost more than that in my back seat, believe it G bm Remember when we used to talk about busting out, we'd break their hearts. Chorus F C/B F C/B Together forever G bm Never say goodbye, never say goodbye C cm You and me and my old friends, hoping it would never end G bm Say goodbye, never say goodbye C cm Holding on we got to try, holding on to never say goodbye Intro (only first time) Verse 2 Remember days of skipping school, racing cars and being cool, With a six pack and a radio, we didn't need no place to go Remember at the prom that night, you and me we had a fight, But the band they played our favorite song and I held you in my arms so strong We'd guess you'd say we used to talk about busting out we'd break their hearts Chorus Solo G | bm | C | Eb - F | G | bm | C | Eb - F G bm Oh I guess you'd say we used to talk about busting out we'd break their hearts Chorus End G | bm | C | Eb6 - F | G | bm | C | cm | G chords: C/B x22010 or (easyer) x20010 ******************************************************************************* Transcribed by Matthias Kiess, July 1995, e-mail Any additions, corrections, licks, tips, tricks... are welcome.

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never say goodbye

Album : Best Ballads

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Type : Partition
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tablature never say goodbye bon jovi

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