Tablature with god on our side

Bob Dylan
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Format : With god on our side, Bob dylan
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With god on our side, Bob dylan

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Alfredo <folini@dsi.unimi.it> Subject: CRD: God on Our Side by Bob Dylan Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 18:12:28 MET WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE - Bob Dylan [MTV-unplugged version] [C F C F C F G F C] [C]Oh my name it is [F]no[G]thin' my age [F]it mean [C]less The country I come from [F]is called the Mid[C]west I's taught and brought up there [F]The laws to [C]abide and that land that I [F]li[G]ve in Has god [F]on its [C]side. Oh the history book [F]tell i[G]t they tell it [F]so [C]well The cavalries charged and [F]the Indians [C]fell The cavalries charged and [F]the Indians [C]died Oh the country was [F]yo[G]ung with god [F]on its [C]side. Oh the Spanish-[F]Ameri[G]can war had [F]its [C]day And the Civil War too was [F]soon laid [C]away and the names of the heroes [F]I was made to [C]memorize with guns in their [F]ha[G]nds and god [F]on their [C]side. The First World [F]War, [G]boys it closed out [F]its [C]fate The reason for fighting [F]I never got straig[C]t but I learned to accept it, [F]accept it with [C]pride and you don't count the [F]de[G]ad when god's on [F]your [C]side. [... Additional lyrics ...] But now we got [F]wea[G]pons of the chemic[F]al [C]dust if fire them we're forced to, [F]then fire we [C]must one push of the button [F]and shot the world [C]wide and you never ask [F]quest[G]ions when God's [F]on his [C]side [ Repeat without words ] In a many dark [F]hou[G]r I've been thinkin' ab[F]out [C]this that Jesus Christ was [F]betrayed by a [C]kiss But I can't think for you, [F]you'll have to [C]decide wheter Judas Is[F]cari[G]ot, had God [F]on [C]his side. So now as I'm [F]leavi[G]n', I'm [F]weary as [C]hell the confusion I'm feelin' [F]ain't no tongue can [C]tell Who words fill my head and [F]fall to the [C]floor If God's on [F]our si[G]de he'll stop [F]the next [C]war. [... Additional lyrics ...] When the Second World War came to an end we forgave the Germans and we were friends Though they murdered six million in the ovens they fried the Germans now too have god on their side. I've learned to hate Russians all through my wole life if another war starts It's them we must fight To hate them and fear them to run and to hide and accept i all bravely with god on our side. ------------------------------- CUT HERE ----------------------------------- Additional lyrics are not included in the MTV-unplugged ny correction would be appreciated. Bye Folini Carlo Any correction will be apreciated Bye. Carlo

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tablature with god on our side bob dylan

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