Tablature sad eyed lady of the lowlands

Bob Dylan
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Format : Sad eyed lady of the lowlands, Bob dylan
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Sad eyed lady of the lowlands, Bob dylan

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: larpe@oden.nts.mh.se (Petter Larsson) Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands - Bob Dylan ------------------------------------------- ('Blonde on Blonde' album) D A G Em7 A7 With your mercury mouth in the missionary times, D A G Em A7 And your eyes like smoke and your prayers like rhymes, G F#m Em7 A7 D And your silver cross, and your voice like chimes, Em7 A Em A7 Oh, who among them do they think could bury you? D A G Em7 A7 With your pockets well protected at last, D A G Em A7 And your streetcar visions which you place on the grass, G F#m Em7 A7 D And your flesh like silk, and your face like glass, Em7 A Em A7 Who among them do they think could carry you? ---- Chorous: Em D A7 Sad eyed lady of the lowlands, Em D A7 Where the sad eyed prophet says that no man comes, F#m G D G D Em7 A7 My warehouse eyes, my Arabian drums, Em Em7 A Em A Should I leave them by your gate, Em D A7 D Or sad eyed lady, should I wait? ---- With your sheets like metal and your belt like lace, And your deck of cards missing the jack and the ace, And your basement clothes and your hollow face, Who among them can think he could outguess you? With your sillouette when the sunlight dims Into your eyes where the moonlight swims, And your match-book songs and your gypsy hymns, Who among them would try to impress you? [Chorous] The kings of Tyrus with their convict list Are waiting in line for their geranium kiss, And you wouldn't know it would happen like this, But who among them really wants just to kiss you? With your childhood flames on your midnight rug, And your Spanish manners and your mother's drugs, And your cowboy mouth and your curfew plugs, Who among them do you think could resist you? [Chorous] Oh, the farmers and the businessmen, they all did decide To show you the dead angels that they used to hide. But why did they pick you to sympathize with their side? Oh, how could they ever mistake you? They wished you'd accepted the blame for the farm, But with the sea at your feet and the phony false alarm, And with the child of a hoodlum wrapped up in your arms, How could they ever, ever persuade you? [Chorous] With your sheet metal memory of Cannery Row, And your magazine-husband who one day just had to go, And your gentleness now, which you just can't help but show, Who among them do you think would employ you? Now you stand with your thief, you're on his parole With your holy medallion which your fingertips fold, And your saintlike face and your ghostlike soul, Oh, who among them do you think could destroy you? [Chorous] . Pheew ! ........ ------- Typed by Petter Larsson , larpe@nts.mh.se

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tablature sad eyed lady of the lowlands bob dylan

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