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Format : Resigned, Blur
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Resigned, Blur

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Date: Fri, 06 Oct 95 12:14:11 EDT From: Van Vekris <3EV1@QUCDN.QUEENSU.CA> Subject: Resigned, by Blur Resigned , by Blur - From the album "Modern Life is Rubbish" ======== - This song is relatively simple to play along to since it just repeats itself over and over again. Its also great to play while smoking:) To properly simulate the guitar, I use a phaser with the rate and width knobs turned to the maximum settings. You could also use a flanger with the rate and depth cranked up but with the res knob fully anticlockwise. Anyway, here it goes.. F C |---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-----------------10--------------------------------------------------------- |---------10----------10------10----------------------9---------------------- |-----10------10----------10-----------------10----------10------------------ |---8------------------------------------10------10-----------10------------- |-------------------------------------8---------------------------8---------- Eb add7(?) A# |----------------10--------------------------------6------------------------- |---------------------------8-------------------------6---------------------- |---------8-----------8-----------------------------------7------------------ |------8------8----------8-----------------8-----------------8------------- |---6-----------------------------------8------8----------------------------- |------------------------------------6--------------------------------------- Dm Ab (add2) |---------------5---------------------------4--6----------------------------- |------------------6---------------------4--------4-------------------------- |---------7----------7------------------------------------------------------- |-------7---7-----------7--------------6------------6------------------------ |----5-------------------------------------------------6--------------------- |-----------------------------------4---------------------------------------- C Eb |---------------------------------------------------------------------r |----------------------------------------------------8----8-----------e |----------------------------------------------------8----8-----------p |-----------10------------10------------10-----------8----8-----------e |-------10------10----10------10-----10-----10-------6----6-----------a |----8--------------8-------------8-----------------------------------t Here are the words: I think too much on things I want too much and I'm resigned to that, Only you can fill my blank heart and I'm resigned to that. I wish the sun could just keep me warm and I'm resigned to that I'll forget to breathe someday I never stop to think why. - I did this from memory, so if you think there's a mistake and something doesn't sound right, you're probably correct. The song is just chord arpeggiating (sp.?) and its easy to play around with the pattern... Van Vekris,

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The Great Songs of Blur Chord Songbook
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tablature resigned blur

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