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Blues Traveler
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Format : Alone, Blues traveler
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Alone, Blues traveler

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: VETTERS@VAX1.ELON.EDU (Steve Vetter ) Date: 11 Jun 1995 23:03:22 GMT Alone - Blues Traveler Tabbed by Steve Vetter [] lyrics by ( from the site The placement of the chords is a little loose, but play with it and you'll get the idea. If you only have one guitar, try playing the fast part with barre chords, works pretty well. Intro: A D A I said "I love you," D She began to cry. A She said she needed a friend, D I said "I'll try." A Soon we'd say nothing, D Somehow I never wondered why, C You see, she left me, D She left me, A D I'm alone. I'd loved her always, She didn't know. I tried patience, Let a friendship grow. I tried to keep her, That's what made her go. You see, she left me, She left me, I'm alone. Beauty and the beast Was how it seemed to be. A love like hers Aint meant for guys like me. Some call me crazy, Some politely call me free, but either way You see, she left me, She left me, I'm alone. A I'm trying to forget you but it just won't work, D I think I'm losing my mind, I think I'm going berzerk, A I love you with a passion that you just don't know, D And I kinda wish right now that I was telling you so, A I could rant, or rave, or play some little game, D But when I look into your eyes, it all seems the same, A You weren't meant for me and that's a sad but true fact, D Now I don't care how I look and don't care how I act, A You set me free; I'm a man among men, D But when I think of what I missed it starts all again, A Now alone in the darkness of each new day, D My heart is on its own. A I wanna rip it from my chest and throw it away, D Watch this bassman take me home. I guess some day, Love will soon be here, And maybe then, I'll see things more clear. I guess I got excited, Cause it felt so near, and You see, she left me, She left me, I'm alone. But I know I'd give my life, Just to hold her now, And who knows? I might see her around. Hopes can always go up. Tears can only come down. You see, she left me. She left me, I'm alone.

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Album : Blues Traveler

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tablature alone blues traveler

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