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Black Sabbath
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Format : Vol 4 album, Black sabbath
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Vol 4 album, Black sabbath

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: 31 Dec 1996 10:30:37 -0000 From: Martin Roulston <> Subject: TAB - Vol 4 Album by Black Sabbath - 7 tracks not in OLGA This is my first attempt at tabbing. I've been working on this for about three weeks on and off. When I started Supernaut was not in the OLGA but now it is. My version is different, but I'm not sure if I should add the existing one to mine or mine to the existing one or just leave it as it is. I have attatched the text file Vol4.txt to this E mail. I hope it gets to you Ok. If it doesn't do I have to paste it into this page I'm writing this on? If you have time I would appreciate a reply letting me know if I've done this ok. Subject - Album - Vol 4 - by Black Sabbath released 1972 Sent 1 January 1997 Tabbed by Martin ( Tracks Tabbed 1. Wheels of Confusion/Straightener 2. Tomorrow's Dream 3. Changes 4. Supernaut 5. Cornucopia 6. St Vitus Dance 7. Under the Sun Note 1 - At the time I sent this Snowblind and Laguna Sunrise were already in the OLGA archive, so I have not included these here. Note 2 -for a lot of these songs Tony Iommi tuned his guitar down 2 frets so the bass string was D. I haven't bothered as most can be played without tuning down. However some are easier to play further up the neck, Tomorrow's Dreams, for example, so try shifting what I've done up 2 frets to see if feels better. I've avoided using open strings, where I could to make this easier. Note 3 - I only have an acoustic guitar, so I tend to play a lot of the notes that Iommi probably bends to, hammers on, pulls off, etc. Try playing around with the notes to see if you can get it closer to the original. All corrections gladly accepted. I would be interested to see how close I got or other ways of playing these. Note 4 - I have tried where possible to indicate timing by using 4 dashes to equal 1 beat so |1---2---3---4---| = 1 bar in 4/4 time 1. Wheels of Confusion Lead intro X2(need help here) e-------------------------------------- B--------------------/8---/8888888b9- G-8b9----6-8-8b9---------------------- D-------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------- The main riff is a C Chord over 2 bars e-|----------------|----------------| B-|5-----5-5-----5-|5-5-5-----------| G-|5-----5-5-----5-|5-5-5-----------| D-|5-----5-5-----5-|5-5-5-----------| A-|3-----3-3-----3-|3-3-3-----------| E-|----------------|------------3-6-|(X2) per verse line Long ago I wandered through my mind In the land of fairytales and stories Lost in happiness I knew no fears Innocence and love was all I knew - Was an illusion Soon the days were passing into years Happiness just didn't come so easy Life was bored of fairytales and daydreams Innocence was just another word - Was an illusion At the end of each verse - Riff 2 e-|----------------|----------------| B-|----------------|----------------| G-|----------------|----------------| D-|------------3---|----------------| A-|3-----5-------5-|--5-------------| E-|--6-3---6-3-----|6---6-3-6-3-6-3-|+ main riff (X2) Riff 2 X 3 after verse 2 then - Riff 3 e-|----------------|----------------| B-|----------------|----------------| G-|----------------|----------------| D-|----3-----3-----|----------------| A-|--5-----5-------|----------------| E-|6-----5-5---4---|4---------------|(X2) Faster tempo shuffle leading into a solo break e-|----------------|----------------| B-|----------------|----------------| G-|----------------|----------------| D-|----------------|----------------| A-|----------------|----------1-----| E-|3---3---3---3---|3---3-1-3---3-1-| Solo - need help Just before "Lost in the Wheels... G Bb D C Db C Db C Bb |----------------|---------------|---------------|--------------- |----------------|---------------|---------------|--------------- |----------------|----7---5------|----6---5------|6---5---3------ |5-----------8---|----7---5------|----6---5------|6---5---3------ |5-----------8---|----5---3------|----4---3------|4---3---1------ |3-----------6---|---------------|---------------|--------------- (X2) Then over Gm maybe Gm7 Lost in the Wheels of Confusion Running through valleys of tears Eyes full of angry delusion Hiding in every day fears Riff 2 & Main Riff & Riff 3 Main Riff So I found that life is just a game Hurts you now, there's never been a winner Try your hardest, you'll still be a loser The world will still be turning when you've gone Riff 2 x 3 then e-|---------------- B-|-5-------------- G-|-5-------------- D-|-5-------------- A-|-3-------------- E-|---------------- The Straightener Acoustic bit all the way to the end e---|----------------|-------------- B---|----------------|-------------- G---|----------2-----|4----2-------- D---|-----5----------|----------5--- A---|----------------|-------------- E---|----------------|-------------- Over the acoustic bit Em e---|-----------------|----------------- B-7-|-----------------|----------------- G-7-|9----------------|----------------- D-7-|9----------------|-------------5--- A-5-|7----------------|--------5----5-5- E---|7----------------|--------5------5- e---|-----------------|---------------- B---|-----------------|---------------- G---|4-----4-0--------|------------0--- D---|2-----2-2--------|------------2--- A---|2-----2-2--------|------------2--- E---|0-----0-0--------|------------0--- e---|----------------|---------------- B---|----------------|---------------- G---|----------------|---------------- D---|4---------------|4-------5---5--- A---|0---------------|0-------5---5--- E---|----------------|--------5---5--- e---|----------------|---------------- B---|----------------|---------------- G---|0---------------|---------------- D---|2---------------|---------------- A---|2---------------|---------------- E---|0---------------|---------------- e---|----------------|----------------|----------------| B---|----------------|----------------|----------------| G---|----------------|----------------|----------------| D---|9-----9-9-------|--------9---7---|9-----9-9-----9-| A---|7-----7-7-------|--------7---5---|7-----7-7-----7-| E---|----------------|----------------|----------------| e---|----------------|----------------|----------------| B---|----------------|----------------|----------------| G---|----------------|----------------|----------------| D---|7-----7-7-------|--------9---7---|9-----9-9-------| A---|5-----5-5-------|--------7---5---|7-----7-7-------| E---|----------------|----------------|----------------| e---|----------------|----------------|----------------| B---|----------------|----------------|----------------| G---|9-----9-9-------|--------9---7---|9-----9-9-----9-| D---|----------------|----------------|----------------| A---|----------------|----------------|----------------| E---|----------------|----------------|----------------| e---|----------------|----------------|----------------| B---|----------------|----------------|----------------| G---|7-----7-7-------|--------9---7---|9-----9-9-------| D---|----------------|----------------|----------------| A---|----------------|----------------|----------------| E---|----------------|----------------|----------------| e---|12----12-12-----|----15p12-----15p12--- B---|----------------|----------15--------15 e---|12----12-12-----|-----------------12--- B---|----------------|---------------------- e---|----------------|---------------------- B---|15----15-15-----|------------15---15--- e---|12----12-12-----|----15p12-----15p12--- B---|----------------|----------15--------15 repeat X 2 then solo around these notes and fade ***** 2. Tomorrow's dream Intro Riff (My version) e---|-------------------------------- B---|-------------------------55----- G---|-------------------------55----- D---|2-5-7---7-5-7-10-7---5--55----- A---|0-3-5---5-3-5-8--5---3--33----- E---|-------------------------------- Intro Riff version 2 (shown to me) e---|--------------------------------- B---|--------------------------------- G---|-----------------------555------- D---|--5-7-777-5-7-55-7----553------- A---|7-3-5-555-3-5-33-5----333------- E---|5-------------------------------- Verse Riff -Pluck notes or stroke up & down D C G e---|--------------|----------------- B---|--------------|----------------- G---|7-7-7-7-7-7-7-|7-7----5--5----- D---|7-7-7-7-7-7-7-|7-5----5--55--5- A---|5-5-5-5-5-5-5-|5-5----3--35--5- E---|--------------|------------3--3- Well I'm leaving tomorrow at daybreak Catch the fastest train around nine Yes, I'm leaving he sorrow and heartache Before it takes me away from my mind Send me love and I may let you see me Send me hopes I can spin in my head But if you really want me to answer I can only let you know I'm not dead At the end of each verse - Riff 3 e---|----------------|---------------- B---|----------------|---------------- G---|5-----5---5-5---|---------------- D---|5-----5---5-5---|---------------- A---|3-----3---3-3---|---------------- E---|----------------|6p5p3-6p5p3-5p3- Intro riff (X4) Then C EbC e---|------0-----0---|------3-----3--- B---|----1---1-----1-|----4---4-----4- G---|--0-------0-----|--3-------3----- D---|----------------|---------------- A---|3---------------|3--------------- E---|----------------|---------------- Bar 3rd fret When sadness fills my days It's time to turn away And then tomorrow's dreams Become reality to me Riff 3 then solo e---|----------------|----------------|----------------| B---|----------------|----------------|----------------| G---|----------------|----------------|----------------| D---|----3-3---------|3-3-------------|----3-3---------| A---|3-5-----5---3-5-|----5-----------|3-5-----5---3h5p3 E---|----------------|----------------|----------------| e---|----------------|----------------|----------------| B---|----------------|5b--------------|----------------| G---|---5-5h7--------|--5h7p5---------|----------------| D---|/7--------------|-------7p5------|----3-3---------| A---|----------------|-----------8p5-|3h5-----5---3h5p3 E---|----------------|----------------|----------------| e---|----------------|----------------|----------------| B---|----------------|----------------|----------------| G---|--5-------------|----------------|----------------| D---/7---7p5---7p5---|----3-3---------|----------------| A---|--------8----8p53h5-----5-------|Riff 3-X2-------| E---|----------------|------------5-3-|----------------| Verse Riff So realise I'm much better without you Your not the one and only thing in my heart I'll just go back to pretending I'm living But this time I'm gonna have to stop art? fast? -(not sure) riff 3 X 2 then C Chord ***** 3. Changes - In C, but the *bass notes should be an octave lower(Easy on a piano) (Shift up the neck and play this in F the *bass notes are open E then C) C/G pick notes e---|---3---------|5---5-3--------| B---|--5----------|6---6-5--------| G---|-5-----------|7---7-5--------| D---|-------------|---------------| A---|-----3*------|---------------| E---|3--------3---|---------------| bar 3rd fret I feel unhappy Dm e---|---3---------|5---5----------| B---|--5----------|6---6----------| G---|-5-----------|7---7----------| D---|-------------|7---7----------| A---|-----5*------|---------------| E---|3--------5---|---------------| I feel so sad e---|---7---------|5---5-3--------| B---|--6----------|6---6-5--------| G---|-7-----------|7---7-5--------| D---|-------------|---------------| A---|-----3*------|---------------| E---|5--------3---|---------------| I've lost the best friend First 2 bars That I ever had She was my woman I love her so But it's to late now I've let her go Chorus 3/4 time F Em Dm Dm e---|----1--|-----0--|----5--|----5--| B---|---1-1-|----0-0-|---6-6-|---6-6-| G---|--2----|---0----|--7----|--7----| D---|-3-----|--2-----|-7-----|-7-----| A---|-------|--------|5------|5------| E---|1------|0-------|-------|-------| I'm going through changes X 4 Then G F Am7 Am G Am e|-----1--|----1--|----3--|0------|-----1-1-|1------| B|----0-0-|---1-1-|---1-1-|1-----0|---1-1-1-|1------| G|---0----|--2----|--2----|2----0-|--2--2-2-|2------| D|--0-----|-3-----|-2-----|2---0--|-2---2-2-|2------| A|--------|-------|0------|0------|0----0-0-|0------| E|3-------|5------|-------|---3---|---------|-------| Last verse - It took so long to realise And I can still hear her last goodbyes Now all my days are filled with tears Wish I could go back and change these years ***** 4. Supernaut Riff 1 Repeat first 4 bars - G bar chord e|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------|----------------| D|----------------|----------------|------------5---| A|5--55---3-5-5---|5-5-5p3--3--33--|5--55---3-5-----| E|------3---------|-------3--------|------3---------| e|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------|----------------| D|----3---5-5-3---|----------------|----------------| A|------3------5-3|5---------------|----------------| E|----------------|----------------|----------------| Before drum solo Verse riff D C e|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------| G|7-------------5|---55-5---55-5-7| D|7-------------3|---55-5---55-5-7| A|5-------------3|------3------3-5| E|----------------|----------------| Bass I want to reach out and touch the sky I want to touch the sun but I don't need to fly I'm gonna climb up every mountain of the moon And find the dish that ran away with the spoon Riff 1 Verse Riff I've crossed the ocean, turned every bend I found the crossing at a golden rainbows end I've been through magic and through life's reality I've lived a thousand years and it never bothered me Riff 1 Drum solo Verse riff Got no religion, don't need no friends Got all I want and I don't need to pretend Don't try to reach me 'cause I'll tear up your mind I've seen the future and I've left it behind Riff 1 ***** Snowblind - Already tabbed in archive ***** 5. Cornucopia (If you tune down 2 frets in this one, play it as shown) Intro Riff - Play first 2 bars 3 times then the third bar e|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------|----------------| D|----------------|----------------|----------------| A|--------------7-|----7-6-6-7-----|6-7-----6-7-----| E|0---7-6-7-6-7---|------------6-7-|----6-7-----6-7-| Verse Riff 6/8 time e|-----------------------------------------| B|---------------------------7--7--7--7----| G|---------------------------7--7--7--7----| D|---------------------------7--7--7--7----| A|------7--7-------7--7------5--5--5--5----| E|0-0-0------0-0-0------0-0-0--------------| Too much near the truth they say Keep it 'till another day Let them have their little game Illusion helps to keep them sane At the end of the verse - Riff 3 D E e|-------------------------------------------------| B|7---------------------9------------9------9------| G|7---------------------9------------9------9------| D|7---------------------9------------9------9------| A|5---------------------7------------7------7------| E|-------------------------------------------------| e|---------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------| A|7---9h10---9p7----------7---9h10---9---------------| E|--------------------------------------10-----------| (X2) Verse 2 Let them have their little toys Matchbox cars and mortgage joys Exciting in their plastic ways Frozen food in a concrete maze Riff 4 D A D A e|---------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------| G|7------------------7-------------------| D|7---7--------------7---7---------------| A|5---7--------------5---5---------------| E|----5---5h77777-5h7----5---5h77777-5h7-|(X3) You're gonna go insane I'm trying to save your brain Riff 5 e|--------|----------------| B|--------|----------------| G|--------|----------------| D|--------|----------------| A|6-7-----|6-7-----6-7-----| E|----6-7-|----6-7-----6-7-| Not sure about the chords here - Riff 6 A A? D Dm7 e|------------------8-8-8-| B|--5-----5------7--6-6-6-| G|-6-6-6-5-5-5--7-7-5-5-5-| D|----7-----5--7---77-7-7-| A|------------5-----------| E|5-----5-----------------|(X4) Then something like this - Riff 7 - faster e|----------------------------------| B|----------------------------------| G|----------------------------------| D|----------------------------------| A|5---5----55---5----55---5---------| E|------5h7-------5h7-------5h7-5---|(X4) Riff 8 A G e|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|--------3h5p3---| G|----------------|-------------5b-| D|7---7---7---7---|5---5-----------| A|7---7---7---7---|5---5-----------| E|5---5---5---5---|3---3-----------| I don't know what's happening My head's all torn inside People say I'm heavy But they don't know what I hide Riff 7 X4 Riff 4 Riff 5 Verse Riff Take a life it's going cheap Kill someone, no-one will weep Freedom's yours, just pay your dues We just want your soul to use Riff 4 Your gonna go insane I'm trying to save your brain ***** Laguna Sunrise - Tab already in archive ***** 6. St. Vitus Dance Riff 1 - Need help here, something like - C I use 4th finger while holding C chord e|--------|-------|----------------| B|5---------------|------------5---| G|5-------7-5---5-|5-----------5---| D|5-----------7---|------------5---| A|3---------------|--3-6p5p3---3---| E|----------------|----------------| C I use 4th finger while holding C chord e|---------|------|----------------| B|5--------6-5-5--|5-----------5---| G|5------5----7---|5-----------5---| D|5*--------------|5-----------5---| A|3*--------------|3---6p5p3---3---| E|----------------|----------------| * - let ring Riff 2 C5 Bb5 Eb5 F5 e|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------| D|5-----5-5-----5-|1-----8-87/8-10| A|3-----3-3-----3-|3-----6-65/6-8-| E|----------------|----------------| (X2 per verse line ) So you think you know what's going on inside her head You think she wants your money, but it's you she wants instead Riff 1 Riff 2 When you think about the things that she did long ago It breaks your heart, but deep down boy, you don't want her to go Riff 1 Riff 3 A G E G e|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------| D|7-----7-7-----7-|5-----5-2---5---| A|7-----7-7-----7-|5-----5-2---5---| E|5-----5-5-----5-|3-----3-0---3---| You feel your nerves are shattering You feel you want to die Just because the one mistake Of telling you lie Riff 1 Riff 2 If I were you I'd try again and try and make amends She only thinks of you, you know, I'm talking as a friend Riff 1 ****** 7. Under The Sun This one needs the guitar tuned down to D You only need it for the intro riff as follows d|------------------------------------------------------- A|------------------------------------------------------- F|------------------------------------------------------- C|------------------------------------------------------- G|2-----2-2---9---8------------12---11--------------10--9 D|0-----0-0---7---6------------10---9---------------8---7 Normally I don't bother with the intro- the rest can be played as follows. If you tune down to D then shift this up 2 frets. 4/4 Shuffle 3 = triplets 3 3 3 3 e|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| G|--------------------------------| D|--------------------------------| A|5---5--7--5--7--8--7--5--7--5---| E|--------------------------------|(X2) each verse line Well I don't want no Jesus freak to tell me what it's all about. No black magician telling me to cast my soul out. Don't believe in violence, I don't even believe in peace. I've opened the door now and my minds been released. At the end of each verse 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 e|--------------------------------------4h5p4--4-5--| B|--------------------------2-3-5-2-5-5------5-------| G|----------------2-3---3-4--------------------------| D|----2-3---2-3-5-----5------------------------------| A|3-5-----5------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------| Verse 2 Well I don't want no preacher telling me about the God in the sky. No, I don't want no one to tell me where I'm gonna go when I die. I want to live my life, don't want people telling me what to do I just believe in myself 'cause no one else is true. e|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------| G|---------------------------------| D|---------------------------------| A|---------------------------------| E|3-----3-----3--------3---1---2---| repeat Every day just comes and goes Life is just one long overdose People drive to ruination I can see from their frustration e|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------| G|---------------------------------| D|---------------------------------| A|---------------------------------| E|5-----5-----5--------5---3---4---| repeat People hiding their real faces keep on running their rat races Behind each flower there grows a weed In their world of make believe Solo over e|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------| G|---------------------------------| D|---------------------------------| A|---------------------------------| E|7-----7-----7--------7---5---6---| repeat Verse 3 So believe what I tell you, it's the only way you'll find in the end. Just believe in yourself, you know really shouldn't have to pretend. Don't let those empty people try and interfere with you mind. Just live you life and leave them all behind Outro Riff e|------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------| D|7-----------------7-----------------| A|--8-7-5---5---5-5---8-7-------------| E|------------------------8---8---8-8-| e|------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------| D|7-----------------------------------| A|--8-7-------------------------------| E|------6---6---6-6-6---5---5---5-5-5-|Repeat and solo over

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