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Some Gave All, Billy Ray Cyrus, #2779353

Billy Ray Cyrus
Some Gave All

Album : Patriotic Country 2
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From: (KRAMER-A) Some Gave All - Billy Ray Cyrus intro : G Em C D G I knew a man called him Sam 'the Cane' Em Few folks even knew his name C D But a hero yes was he G He left a boy, came back a man Em Still many just don't understand C D About the reasons we are free C D G I can't forget the look in his eyes D/F# Em Or the tears he cried C D As he said these words to me chorus: G A D Dsus2 All gave some, some gave all G A D D7 Some stood through for the red, white and blue and some had to fall C D And if you ever think of me G D/F# Em C Think of all your liberties and recall D Some gave all Now Sam 'the Cane' is no longer here But his words are oh so clear As they echo throughout our land For all his friends who gave us all Who stood the ground and took the fall To help their fellow man Love your country, live with pride And don't forget those who died America can't you see? chorus Thanks to Sean Compton who provided the lyrics, I only changed 'Sam Duquane' in Sam 'the Cane' which sounds more like it, and even could make sense too... This song sounds much better played on piano, but good luck anyway Sean, sorry it took me so long enJoy theTone ======================================================== Some gave all, de Billy ray cyrus ========================================================

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