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Billy Joe Shaver
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Format : Oklahoma wind, Billy joe shaver
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Oklahoma wind, Billy joe shaver

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## ***************** OKLAHOMA WIND ****************** written by Billy Joe Shaver performed by Billy Joe Shaver and Waylon Jennings. Verse 1: Em Am Jesse lit us up and passed the bottle one more time Em We used to smoke and drink a lot back then Am Thunder shook the heavens and the lightning danced the sky Em Like i ain't seen since can't remember when Verse 2: Em Am The Oklahoma kid laid dying in a women's wing Em Just another indian biting dust Am Clouds grew dark in promise but they didn't rain a thing Em The government ain't something you can trust Bridge: G A D G Oh the Oklahoma wind slides across the burning sand G/ A/ Em Over double crosses mother nature made Verse 3: Em Am We picked a gig in Tulsa at the Cains ballroom that night Em The Oklahoma kid was dead and gone Am Rains still hadn't come but the clouds still blacked the sky Em That's when i took the time to write this song about the wrong Chorus: G A D G Oh the Oklahoma wind slides across the burning sand A Em Over double crosses mother nature made G A D G And nothing's ever come as far as i'm concerned A Em From those dead tomorrows planted yesterday Verse 4:(Waylon) Em Am The white man took a chance and got his foot hung in the door Em He sure as hell is gonna have his day Am The redman speaks his peace gain his long lost dignity Em Washington just turned the other way Verse 5:(Waylon) Em Am Jesse spends his days in Loco Hills New Mexico Em Every night he drinks his fill of booze Am When Williams ghost is running he lays his money down Em Winning just enough to lose to lose to lose ... Chorus.(x2). Thanks to David M. Potter ( for the lyrics. Perret Charles-Amir :

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tablature oklahoma wind billy joe shaver

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