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Billy Joe Shaver
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Format : Gypsy boy, Billy joe shaver
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Gypsy boy, Billy joe shaver

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## ************************ GYPSY BOY ************************* written and performed by Billy Joe Shaver. Verse 1: Bm The painted lantern circus F# With the wagons swinging slowly Bm On a cold October morning F# On a day that should be holy G Winding through the forest D As the sun is just a-breakin' G And i am only seven D And a gypsy in the makin' Verse 2: Bm Winds a-blowin' through me F# And the canvas flaps a-tearin' Bm And the folks is talkin' low now F# 'Cause they don't want me to hear 'em G And Uncle says there's trouble D With the bulls along the border G And i'm a-wond'rin' why D Bm And a-wishin' i were older Verse 3: Bm Many years ago it seems F# And many summers ending Bm The wagon wheels is rustin' F# And the axles is a-bendin' G And Grandma's bones is bleachin' D And our hearts is still a-dyin' G But i'm a Gypsy Boy D And there ain't no time for cryin' Verse 4: Bm Now it's getting colder F# And the air is growin' ugly Bm And the wolves is gettin' bolder F# And there ain't no sun above me G And i think it's time to move now D But i don't know where we're goin' G And i know it won't be long now D Bm Before it starts to snowin' Verse 5: Bm Babies cryin' softly F# And the women are a-sighin' Bm And somewhere in a wagon F# There's a soul that must be dyin' G 'Cause the crepe is hangin' black D From the window of each lorry G And we'll likely camp at sunset D So's the body can be buried Verse 6: Bm So the carts will rumble F# Though there ain't no road to travel Bm And i listen to the grindin' F# Of the wooden wheels on gravel G And the sad songs and the old songs D Will warm me and they'll hold me G 'Til my head at last grows weary D And the arms of sleep enfold me G For i am a Gypsy Boy D And my home is where you find me G For i am a Gypsy Boy D Bm And my home is where you find me Perret Charles-Amir :

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tablature gypsy boy billy joe shaver

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