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Billy Bragg
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Format : Levistubbstears, Billy bragg
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Levistubbstears, Billy bragg

# From: (William Vaughan) {t:Levi Stubbs Tears} st:Billy Bragg} # # Most of the song is done using the bass strings and muted, except # where the Bm to A at the end of a measure is (listen to the song to # see what I mean). The two string riff before and during the first part # of the chorus will be denoted by two string chords. They will be # marked with a *. Feel free to correct as need - especially the # bridge. # {c:Intro} [Bm] [F#m] [G] [A] {c:VERSE 1} With the [Bm]money from her accident She [A]bought herself a mobile [D]home[D/C#] So at [A]least she could get some enj[G]oyment out of living [Bm]alone[Bm][A] No one could [G]say she was left upon the [D]shelf Its [A]you and me against the world she mumble to herself {c:CHORUS} C* G* D* A* C* G* D* B* When the [C*]world falls [G*]apart [D*]somethings [A*]stay in [Bm]place [Bm] [A] [G]Levis Stubbs [A]tears roll down his [Bm]face[F#m] {c:VERSE 2} She [Bm]ran away from home [A]in her mother's best [D]coat[D/C#] She was [A]married before she was [G]even entitled to [Bm]vote[Bm][A] And her [G]husband was one of those [D]blokes The sort who [A]only laughs at his own [Bm]jokes The [G]sort that a war takes [D]away And when there [A]wasn't a war he left her anyway {c:CHORUS (omit F#m)} {c:BRIDGE} [D]Norman [A]Whitfield and [G]Barratt [A]Strong Are [D]here to make [A]right every[Bm]thing that's wrong [D]Holland and [A]Holland and Lamont [G]Dozier [A]too Are [A]here to make it okay with you {c:VERSE 3} [Bm]One dark night he [A]came home from the [D]sea [D/C#] And put a [A]hole in her body, [G]where no hole should [Bm]be [Bm] [A] It hurt her [G]more to see him walking out the [D]door And though they [A]stiched her back together they left her heart in pieces on the [Bm]floor [Bm] [A] When the [G]world falls apart [A]somethings stay in [Bm]place[Bm][A] She takes [G]off the Four Tops tape [A]and puts it back in its [Bm]case [Bm] [A] When the [G]world falls apart [A]somethings stay in [Bm]plac[Bm]e[A] [G]Levis Stubbs [A]tears [Bm] [Bm] [A] Fade on [G] [A] [Bm] [A] {sot} Chords Bm 799777 D x5777x D* xxxx75 A 577655 D/C#x4777x A* xxxx55 G 355433 C* xxxx53 B* xxxx77 F#m 244222 G* xxxx33 {eot}

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