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Format : Life and soul, Biblecode sundays
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Life and soul, Biblecode sundays

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Artist: The Sundays Title: life & soul Source: "Blind" (CD) (©1992 published in the US by the David Geffen Company) transcribed by: Mitch Wiedemann ( on: 18 December 1997 4/4 time standard tuning (EADGBe) low to high The song on the CD is played with at least two guitars (one acoustic and one electric) this transcription is arranged for the acoustic. *****Picking: Dave Gavurin uses slighly different picking patterns throughout the song, I've chosen the following one, it seems to work nicely. (shown for the B and G chords) B G(add C) ---------------------------------------------------------- -------4-----4-------------------------------------------- -----4---4-----4--------------5-----5--------------------- ---4-------4----------------5---5-----5------------------- -2------------------------5-------5----------------------- ------------------------3--------------------------------- fingers: T 1 2 3 2 1 3 2 T = Thumb (bass note of the chord) 1 = first finger 2 = second finger 3 = third finger (of course, you can use a flatpick if you like) *****Chords: along with some chords i suggest some alternates to maximize the use of open strings (and reduce hand fatigue) B C C Bb G(add C) G(add C) F alt. alt. ----------------------------------------------1------------------ --4-----5---1-----3-----------------1---------1------------------ --4-----5---------3--------5------------------2------------------ --4-----5---2-----3--------5------------------3------------------ --2-----3---3-----1--------5------------------3------------------ ---------------------------3--------3---------1------------------ Note: use of alternate chords changes the picking slightly. *****arrangement: (verse 1) |B . . . |C . . . | ah___ ah___ oh___________ |Bb . . . |G(add C) . . | here___ dive__ bel- ow___ |F . . . |Bb . . . | mmm___ mmm___ |B . . . |B . . . | here I go___ (verse 2) we're on the shore down by the sea ooh ooh here I go (chorus) |B . . . |A . . . | wa - ter under's cool |D . . . |D (strum once only) . | we're life & so - o - ul___ (verse 3) down by the sea we're going to be ooh, ooh |B . . . |C . . . | here I go - oh______ (bridge?) NOTE: at this point the picking pattern changes a bit... throw in this bit every couple of measures just for color.. C C (e)----------------------------------------------- (B)-------6-----5----------6-----5---------------- (G)-----5---5-----5------5---5-----5-------------- (D)---5-------5--------5-------5------------------ (A)-3----------------3---------------------------- (E)----------------------------------------------- |C . . . :| play 8x (no vocal) |C . . . |C . . . | all___ my___ sea___ |C . . . |C . . . | all___ my___ blue___ play the and sing the above 4 measures about 6 times and then try to find a stylish way to end the song. (you'll look silly trying to fade out like the song does)

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tablature life and soul biblecode sundays

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