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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Subject: TAB: 'Liferaft' by Bedhead Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 14:32:06 -0500 (CDT) From: "jeffnmoe" <> 'Liferaft' by Bedhead from the album 'Whatfunlifewas' (note: if anyone knows the complete lyrics, please send them to me at there any other Bedhead fans reading this newsgroup?) dropped-D tuning (tune low E down to D) chords (intro and verses) C - x32010 D - 000232 Dm - 000231 F - xx3211 G - x20003 (don't play low E because of tuning) chords (bridge) Bb - x13331 C - x35553 Eb - x68886 F - 333xxx (figure 1a) - the following line is played at beginning ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------0------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- -----0--0-----0---2--3----------0--0-----0---2--3------ --0--------0-----------------0--------0---------------- (figure 1b) - the following line is played during the verses (only over Dm-G or D-G chords) ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------0----0-------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- -----0--0-----0---2--3----3----3--2--3----------------- --0--------0------------------------------------------- (figure 2) - this line is played during the bridge... ------------------------------------------------------- --------1--3------------------------------------------- --3--3--------2--0--0-----------------0--2------------- -----------------------1--1--0--1--3------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- (figure 3) - this solo is played after the bridge -------------------1--0--------------------- --3---3---3---3----------3--0--1--3--1------ ----2---2---2---2-----------------------2--- repeat 4x and -------------------------------------------- then play.... -------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- --------------1------------------ -----0---------------0--0---0---- repeat several times --3-----3--3-----3--------------- --------------------------------- --------------------------------- *********** how it all goes together ************* (INTRO) (play figure 1a by itself, and then play figure 1b during the Dm and G chords in the following chord progression: Dm-G-Dm-G-Dm-G-Dm-G-C-G-F-G-Dm-G-Dm-G-Dm-G-Dm-G) (VERSE: figure 1b is played over D-G chords during verses) D G the bed at night is a liferaft D G in the ocean of the dark D G i hang my hands over the sides D G and pray that god knows why C G drifting somewhere in the black F G feeling (low?) 'neath the blanket C G and the weight of the mattress F G the mistress of the sheets (BRIDGE: play following chord progression using bridge chord shapes shown above: Bb-F-C-Eb-Bb-F-Bb-F-C-Eb-Bb-F Second guitar plays figure two (shown above) over chords) Bb F C on many successive nights i've been miserable Eb Bb F give one (sense?) to sense the invisible F i know you're in this room being (? ? ?) (SOLO: play figure three over repeated chord progression Dm-G...) (VERSE) D G the bed at night is a lifeboat D G a throne off which you can (?) from D G i hang my hands and feet over the sides D G D and pray to the space of what can never be known ....questions, comments and corrections to ======================================================== Liferaft, de Bedhead ========================================================

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