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Syd Barrett
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Format : Baby lemonade, Syd barrett
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Baby lemonade, Syd barrett

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Received: from by (5.65c/M1.4) with SMTP id <AA15835> Fri, 5 Feb 1993 06:21:48 -0800 Received: from by id <> Fri, 5 Feb 1993 06:21:46 -0800 Received: by (5.65c/IDA-1.4.4) id AA25433; Fri, 5 Feb 1993 09:21:44 -0500 Rcpt to:mailed to Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1993 09:21:44 -0500 From: "David C. Fleming" <> Message-Id: <> To: Subject: "Baby Lemonade" by Syd Barrett Here is tab to the intro and chords to the rest of... "Baby Lemonade" by Syd Barrett Intro tab transcribed by Quentin Turchette, Verse chords transcribed by Modifications to the above, fillers, etc, by me David Fleming ( NOTES: terminology: x/y slide from x up to y hx hammer on to x px pull off to x I have not attempted to indicate rhythm or timing in any way. "|" symbols demarcate sections of music and not measures. For line 4 and 5, finger like so: ----------- nth fret | | | | 1 | ----------- | | | 2 | 3* ----------- | | | | | | * the third finger only frets when appropriate. +----0----2-----3----2------------0----2------|-3-2-0-------------------+ +--0---0----0-0---0----0-0-r--0-----0----0-0--|-0-0-0-------------------+ +--4----4----4-----4----4--e--2------4----4---|-4-4-4-------------------+ 1 +--------------------------s------------------|-------------------------+ +--------------------------t------------------|-------------------------+ +---------------------------------------------|-------------------------+ +------0----2-----3----2----------0----2------|-3-2-4/5-----------------+ +--0-----0----0-0---0----0-0-r--0---0----0-0--|-0-0-0-------------------+ +--2/4----4----4-----4----4--e--2----4----4---|-4-4-4-------------------+ 2 +----------------------------s----------------|-------------------------+ +----------------------------t----------------|-------------------------+ +---------------------------------------------|-------------------------+ +-5-3-0-----------------------------------------------------------------+ +-------5-3-0-----------------------------------------------------------+ +-------------4-2-0--0--------------------------------------------------+ 3 +------------------------0h2p0h2p0h2------------------------------------+ +----------------------2------------------------------------------------+ +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ +----0-----0-------9-----|---0-----0-------8------|---------------------+ +------8-----8---8---8---|-----7-----7---7---7----|---------------------+ +--9-----9-----9-------9-|-8-----8-----8-------8--|---------------------+ 4 +------------------------|------------------------|---------------------+ +------------------------|------------------------|---------------------+ +------------------------|------------------------|---------------------+ ...and so on, moving down one fret at a time until... +---0-----0-------4-----|-----------------------------------------------+ +-----3-----3---3---3---|-----------------------------------------------+ +-4-----4-----4-------4-|-----------------------------------------------+ 5 +-----------------------|-----------------------------------------------+ +-----------------------|-----------------------------------------------+ +-----------------------|-----------------------------------------------+ repeat this last bar. +---0-----0-------4-----|-----------------------------------------------+ +-----3-----3---3---3---|-----------------------------------------------+ +-4-----4-----4-------4-|-----------------------------------------------+ 5 +-----------------------|-----------------------------------------------+ +-----------------------|-----------------------------------------------+ +-----------------------|-----------------------------------------------+ +-5-3-0-----------------------------------------------------------|-----+ +-------5-3-0-----------------------------------------------------|-----+ +-------------4-2-0-----------------------------------------------|-----+ 6 +-------------------5-2-0--0-h2-p0---0-2------------0-h1-h2---0---|-----+ +----------------------------------2--------0-h1-h2---------2---1-|-----+ +-----------------------------------------3-----------------------|-----+ Next comes a chord progression which leads into the main part of the song, which is one bar each of: A# C# A G D A# D# A Then the verses... Verse I A# In the sad town A Cold iron hands clap D A The party of clowns outside D A Rain falls in grey far away A# D# A# G# Please, please, baby lemonade Verse II follows the same chord progression as verse I: In the evening Sun going down when The Earth streams in in the morning Send a cage through the post Make your name like a ghost Please, please, baby lemonade Verse III alters the progression slightly: A# I'm screaming A I met you this way D A You're nice to me like ice G In the clock they sent D Through a washing machine A# A Come around, make it soon, so alone A# D# A# G# Please, please, baby lemonade Then comes a guitar solo, which is played over the same chord progression that leads into the verses (A# C# A ...). After this, verses I and II are repeated, and then the song closes with A# G# played repeatedly (in the fashion of the end of the verse) with the intro chord progression played over it, which fades out...

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tablature baby lemonade syd barrett

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