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Bad Company
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Format : Ready for love, Bad company
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Ready for love, Bad company

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 19:08:05 +0000 From: Steve Throne <> Subject: TAB: Ready for Love by Bad Company "Ready for Love" by Mick Ralphs from the album Bad Company Notation **=let note ring! ^^=staccato /=slide Opening Riff - Asus4, A [Asus4] [A] E------------------------------------------ B-----------3**-------2**------------------ G---------2------2--------2-------2-------- D-------2----------2--------2---2---2------ A-0**-------------------------0-------0---- E------------------------------------------ [Asus4] [A] E-------------0----------------------------- B-----------3---3-2------------------------- G---------2---------2-------------2--------- D-------2-------------------2---2---2------- A-0**-------------------------0-------0----- E------------------------------------------- As far as I can tell, the verse just follows a simple arpeggio chord progression (A,C,D,C,B,A,G,F). I don't know the actual pattern, but you can try just about anything. Here's a simple example. Let the bass notes ring throughout. [A]Wanderin down..[C]rocky road E------------------------------------ B---------2-----------------5-------- G-------2---2-------------5---5------ D-----2-------2---------5-------5---- A-0**-----------0---3**-----------3-- E------------------------------------ [D]Wonderin where my [C]life is [B]leading E------------------------------------------ B---------7h8p7---------------------------- G-------7-------7-----------5----------4--- D-----7----------7--------5----------4----- A-5**-----------------3**--------2**------- E------------------------------------------ [A]Rolling on [G]to the bitter [F]end E-----------------------------------------------------1--- B---------2-------------------------------------------1--- G-------2---2--------------4----------------2---------2--- D-----2-------2----------5---5------------3---3-------3--- A-0**-----------0------5-------5--------3-------3-----3--- E------------------3**-----------3---1**----------1---1--- (Actually, that B chord may be a figment of my imagination, but I like it in there!) Pre-Chorus [D]Ooohhhhhh Oooh (I want you to stay) E--------------------------------------------------- B--7**------------7^^--------7**------------7^^----- G--7**------------7^^--------7**------------7^^----- D--7**------------7^^--------7**------------7^^----- A--5**------------5^^--------5**------------5^^----- E--------------------------------------------------- My notation here is kinda strange. You should really smack that D chord the first time and let it ring, then cut it off the second time (staccato??) If you listen to the record it'll be pretty self explanitory) Play this 3 times, then, for the last time, play..... [C]todayyyyy [D]ayyyyyyyy - you get the idea E------------------------- B--5-------------7-------- G--5-------------7-------- D--5-------------7-------- A--3-------------5-------- E------------------------- Then on to the chorus, which is just G,A,C,D [G]Rea[A]dy for love [G][A] Oh baby I'm E--------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------- G--4//6-----6-------6--------4//6-----6-------6----- D--5//7-----7-------7--------5//7-----7-------7----- A--5//7--7--7----7--7--------5//7--7--7----7--7----- E--3//5--5--5----5--5--------3//5--5--5----5--5----- [C]Rea[D]dy for love [C][D] E--------------------------------------------------- B--5//7-----7-------7--------5//7-----7-------7----- G--5//7-----7-------7--------5//7-----7-------7----- D--5//7--7--7----7--7--------5//7--7--7----7--7----- A--3//5--5--5----5--5--------3//5--5--5----5--5----- E--------------------------------------------------- At the end of the chorus is a decending riff, like the verse. Try something like this: [C] [B] [A] [G] [F] [G] E-----------------------------------1----------3---- B-----------------------------------1----------3---- G-------0------0------0-------0-----2----------4---- D------0------0------0-------0------3----------5---- A--3**----2**----0**----------------3----------5---- E------------------------3**--------1----------3---- That's pretty much the song. I haven't compared it too closely to the album, so I'm sure there are mistakes. But it sounds good to me so it should at least provide a good start. There's also plenty of room to improvise, especially during the verses. Have fun and I hope someone makes use of this! Please let me know if you have anything better Steve Throne

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tablature ready for love bad company

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