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#2803720 - Cochise Guitare
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Audioslave - Cochise Tabbed by: Johnny ( Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E) ive tried figuring out the intro i think this is how it should go. All the tablature was done by me. If there are any mistakes please feel free to correct them or email me. E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| A|5/7- 5---5--------------5/7--5---------------------------------------------|| E|-------7---7--5--0--------------7---5---0----------------------------------|| Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 00:40:06 EST From: Subject: a/audioslave/ Song: Cochise Band: Audioslave Album: Audioslave Composer: Tom Morello Lyrics: Chris Cornell Here's the tab for the first single of Audioslave's self-titled debut. The song is called "Cochise". I've watched Tom play the song several times, and I've made many corrections to match the tab with the way Tom chooses to play the song. Key: /= slide up = slide down b= bend r= release h= hammer on p= pull off Intro: You're pretty much on your own for the intro. All I know is that during the very beginning, all Tom does is mute the strings with a delay on, just like in Rage's "The Ghost of Tom Joad." He then slaps the strings. The next part of the intro, I'm not so sure about. It sounds like a closed wah strumming this: e -------------------------- B -------------------------- G -------------------------- D -------------------------- A -7------------------------ E -0------------------------ I'm thinking maybe Tom also makes use of the Digitech Whammy pedal that he has for the increse in pitch of the intro. But don't take my word for the intro. I've tried doing this with my Whammy and it doesn't sound right at all. Verse: e ---------------------------------- B ---------------------------------- G ---------------------------------- D ---------------------------------- A -5h7--5---5----------5h7--5------- E --------7---7-3-0-----------7-3-0- Pre-Chorus: e ------------------------------- B ------------------------------- G ------------------------------- D -------------------7---8------- A -5h7--5---5--------5---6------- E --------7---7-3-0-------------- Chorus: e --------------------------- B --------------------------- G --------------------------- D -----------------------0--- A --5h7-5h7------------2----- E --0---0---5-3-0--3-5------- Solo: Tremelo pick e --------------------------|-------------------------- B --------------------------|-------------------------- G --2br---------------------|--2br--------------------- D --------------------------|-------------------------- A --------------------------|-------------------------- E --------------------------|-------------------------- e --------------------------|-------------------------- B --------------------------|-------------------------- G --14br-14br-14br-14br-----|--14br-14br-14br-14br----- D --------------------------|-------------------------- A --------------------------|-------------------------- E --------------------------|-------------------------- Break: e --------------------------| B --------------------------| G --------------------------| D -9---9--------------------| x4 A --------------------------| E ---7---7------------------| e --------------------------| B --------------------------| G --------------------------| D --------------------------| x3 A ---7-----7----------------| E -----0-----0--------------| then... e ----------------------------| B ----------------------------| G ----------------------------| D -------7--------------------| A -5h7---5--------------------| E -----0----------------------| Breakdown (slightly different from the Chorus) e --------------------------- B --------------------------- G --------------------------- D --9---9----------------0--- A --7---7-------2------2----- x4 E --0---0---5-3-0--3-5------- End Notes e --------------------------- B --------------------------- G --------------------------- D --/9---9------------------ A --/7---7------------------ E ---0---0------------------- Structure: Intro Verse x 11 Pre-chorus Chorus x 4 Solo Verse x 7 Pre-chorus Chorus x 8 Break Breakdown Chorus x 8 End Notes The end. ======================================================== Cochise, de Audioslave ========================================================

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