Tablature its alright its ok

Leah Andreone
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Format : Its alright its ok, Leah andreone
Version #932 mise en tablature par robert
Difficulté : 5/10
Note : 2/5 sur 1 avis

Its alright its ok, Leah andreone

Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 16:05:54 -0400 From: Adam Klein <> Subject: CRD: It's Alright, It's OK - Leah Andreone Song: It's Alright It's OK Singer: Leah Andreone Album: Veiled Chorded by: Adam Klein E-Mail: Homepage: The Ultimate Amanda Marshall Homepage Capo on 1st Intro: Bm A G A Bm Broken doll baby A And she says that life's a waste G A It doesn't have to be that way Bm Dad threw away her mom A Her mom gave up his name G Crucified by their words A Nailed by shame Bm She stares into the sun A Self-inflicted pain G She sees that they're blind A Why does she take all the blame Bm The rhyme has changed compulsion rules G Bm Mary's little lambs are now raised by wolves Bm A voyeur with wings flashes a cure G B7 She knows forbidden things they have a lovely lure Chorus: Bm G It's alright it's ok Welcome to this life Bm Killin' time G Just watchin' the grass grow Bm G It's alright it's ok Welcome to this life A Don't worry sweet baby G Bm Cuz it's over before you know = Bm Persecuted she's not normal A I envy her strange ways G Seven deadly sins A Seize the hour seize the day Bm Her ideas need expression A Her wounds never bleed G Her beauty lives in my eyes A Too bad she can't see Bm She doesn't try I watch her spirits die G Bm But giving up the ghost would feel so good Bm A voyeur with wings flashes a cure G B7 She knows forbidden things they have a lovely lure Chorus 2x A B Crumbling Camelot idle teardrops A G Cloudy diamonds freebase funhouse Bm A Expecting to fly but she's just standing still G A Every time she gets it up she just can't close the deal Bm A So she gives herself another way out G A Walks her dog for the 50th time and Bm A Files her nails till they bleed and she cries now G A She doesn't have to try = Bm G = Fade Out With: It's alright, It's OK

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tablature its alright its ok leah andreone

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