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Prostitute, Alphaville

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 21:10:26 +0100 From: (Didier Lamoureux) Subject: Some chords to archive group : ALPHAVILLE album : Prostitute (1994) Note : Alphaville is an interesting German "new wave" group that had success in the 80's with songs like "Big in Japan", "Forever young", "Dance with me". But they have still been making songs and recording CDs. Witness this very good one. Hope the chords will be useful to someone. (And also the lyrics : they are not very easy to read on the book.) Here are the strange chords used in this file : C/G : ------ Em4+/7M : ------ B4 : ------ C#m7/2 : oooooo(4th) ||||o| |oo||| |||||| ||||o| ||o||| |||||| oooooo ||o||| oo|||| |||||| |||o|| ||oo|| ||||o| C#m7M : oooooo(4) B7M/D# : xooooo(6) A7M/C# : xooooo(4) F2/C : x----- |||oo| ||||o| ||||o| ||||oo ||o||| |||o|| |||o|| |||||| |||||| ||o||| ||o||| |oo||| D4/A : x----- |||||| |||o|| ||||oo 1. The paradigm shift Em Let's dance, stop the fight We do the paradigm shift tonight C/G Yeah, it's a natural drift, alright Em4+/7M And it's coming up out of the blur Out of your mind from deep below The hidden harmonies discover Chaos - which means ORDER In the solution in the spiritual way For quietness is stronger than motion And silence is stronger than sound We're listening to the tone which is not played Nothing is what we want Quietness is stronger than motion Silence is stronger than sound Nothing is what we get But the holistic movement Yes, that is the way Do you hear the river flow Do you hear it ???....... YES. You talked yourself into wrong questions You don't care about the answers You let the others be the good ones You're part of the death bringing system There's no place where you can hide Stop ! chasing the wrong ghosts of time I'm running out of time TIME KILLS You're lowering hopes much too much Getting into the grind much too much And losing faith in your abilities The loyalty to you beloved system of belief must surrender To chaos which means ORDER Evolutions not a model of yours FOR QUIETNESS IS STRONGER THAN MOTION DO YOU HEAR IT ??? (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette) 2. Fools B B4 We waste our time with big illusions A E Talking to the walls But Jericho will never fall We sold our trumpets long ago Exchanging all the best we had Into atomic master plans We read the books, we had our chance We spend the world for just one dance So keep on dancing - all you FOOLS The cups of fury have been filled So keep on dancing all you clowns Let's have a sip before we're killed So keep on dancing So keep on dancing ! These politicians make me sigh Democracy is just a lie As long as we are rich enough Each government will do for us We feed like vampires on the world We are the first they are the third There's no hope we had our chance We spend the world for one last dance So keep on dancing - all you FOOLS The time to reap has finally come So keep on dancing - all you clowns We had our chance let's have some fun. 7 seals 7 trumpets 7 cups 7 plaques 7 angels, the scarlet beast Mother of Marlots Faithful and TRUE (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette) 3. Beethoven Cm There's a tremor in the city Bb But it looks all quiet There is something awfull brewing But there ain't no fights Beethoven You can read between the lines That there must be more You're alarmed but you don't know What you're waiting for Cm Beethoven the boots are back in town Bb When ignorance and fear Are closing mouths and ears Ab The skins are on their way When it gets dark in Europe Bb It's just a state of mind The blind leading the blind There's a scrawling on a tombstone Judenschweine raus Once again a racial fury Is burning down the house Beethoven There's a bleeding yellow man Lying in the street But there isn't anybody Doing anything Beethoven the boots are back in town (S.F. Prayer) And one grey day shall rise the flood No dikes will stem the heavy tides When cold pierced heavy bodies scream They fall as if the monstrous scythe of clouds Had smashed them from the skies The scattered squadron of mankind Stabs right into the churned up ether Of long forgotten birdless flights Beethoven the boots are back in town Beethoven the boots are back in town The demons of the past Will be replaced at last There are smarter ones to stay How can you stay away >From the order of disgrace How can you close your eyes Beethoven The boots are back... The boots are back... The boots are back (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette) 4. Ascension day D These are the days of Evil perfection This is the world of torture and fame This is the age of most vicious infection These are the times of terror and pain Let them inside and they build you a nightmare Show them, you fool, it'll not be in vain Here is your costume of deepest surrender These are the times of terror and pain G I wanna ride on the crest of sensation F I wanna scream in the whirlpools of love D# I wanna drown in a climax of thunder G# I wanna be with the fools in the storm Do what you want and then die when you want to We're gonna walk on the blood of the MEEK We're gonna sail through the oceans of wonder We're gonna live in the DREAMS that we seek Send in the parasite clowns on their horses Send in the idiots and let them advance Send in the monsters of your own creation Send them all in and give them a chance We're gonna dance to the sweetest of music We're gonna play with the whores in the rain We'll dissipate the Lord's last temptations All in the cross fire of torture and fame I wanna ride on the crest of sensation We're gonna live....... In the dreams that we seek We're gonna live in the dreams that we seek Gm F D# D7 (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette) 5. The impossible dream . . . . . . . . D A Bm G (Em) | D A (A#m) Bm Bb | D A Sometimes it seems so strange Bm G (Em) The way I feel for you D A Bm G (Em) It makes my life so quiet and free D A And when you smile at me Bm G (Em) It's just that special love D A (A#m) Bm Bb That kind of liberty I never felt before D A Bm And I don't need to be a poet G (Em) D I don't need to be a HERO A (A#m) Bm Bb When all I need to do is keep on loving you D A Bm G (Em) I just have to be me and I don't need to be D A Bm The stranger anymore I used to be G (Em) D In my impossible dream I keep my fingers crossed I never want to lose This new found world that's so alive Angel I'm so in love with you My heart has circled in the past The demons of deceit but now aside I've cast (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette/Sooter - Gold/Lloyd/Echolette/Bloss) 6. Parade (Only this song put me in great difficulties, because the chords are really special and moreover they are played by piano. Yet here is what I found.) C#m7 The crowd is looking drowned C#m7 C#m7/2 And a mother in tears Bm D A There are flip flapping flags in the silence G# C#m7M And a national anthem's a blues in these days B7M/D# A# Flag him down, rest in peace What peace do you mean When the boys are coming back ? He's live on T.V. He's dead as a hero can be But.... he didn't die for nothing my dear The video of his death is travelling the world Flag him down, rest in peace What peace do you mean When the boys are coming back ? A7M/C# The boys are coming back When the boys are coming back Bm A G# IN COFFINS Way back in the crowd A girl says goodbye to a boy To a boy who's parading to heaven And she puts all the blame on the government Flag him down, rest in peace What peace do you mean When the boys are coming back ? When the boys are parading to heaven my friend Put all the blame on you C#m7 On you..... (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette) 7. Ain't it strange Em Bm7 Ain't it strange that we destroy what we embrace Em And we leave what we seek Bm7 It's such a shame Ain't it strange that we smile when we cry And no one knows why we are here And where we're going to Ain't it strange We could be, we could be so good together We could be, we could be so good together Ain't it strange that we share what we hate That we break what we love It's such a shame Ain't it strange when we pray we betray anyway And no one knows what we are for Why we're so tough why must hurt When we're so fragile Ain't it strange We could be, we could be so good together We could be, we could be so good together Ain't it strange still we could fall into a dream I'd wish no one will catch that fall for we could fall for love Life is but a dream, life is but a dream All the tears in the world not in vain for the pain is gone The shame is washed away when we're all one Life is but a dream, life is but a dream It's hard to believe after thousand of years The world's still drowning in blood and tears We've been quite advanced but again we fail It's dog eat dog on the rat rave trail It's getting too much and we're getting nowhere While hatred and fear is all that we share I can't take it no more when I'm watching the news We must stick together or we're bound to lose Now listen to this........ We could be, we could be so good together (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette - Gold/Lloyd/Echolette/Bloss) 8. All in the golden afternoon F#m A All in the golden afternoon full leisurely we glide B D For both our oars, with little skill, by little arms are plied While little hands make vain pretence our wanderings to guide Our wanderings to guide Ah, Cruel Three ! in such an hour, beneath such dreamy weather To beg a tale of breath too weak to stir the tiniest feather Yet what can one poor voice avail against three tongues together Against three tongues together Anon, to sudden silence won, in fancy they pursue The dream child moving through a land of wonders wild and new In friendly chat with bird or beast - and half believe it true And half believe it true And ever, as the story drained the wells of fancy dry And faintly strove that weary one to put the subject by "The next time -- it is next time" the happy voices cry ! The happy voices cry ! Thus grew the tale of wonderland, thus slowly one by one It's quaint events were hammered out - and now the tale is done And home we steer A merry crew Beneath the setting sun. (Lewis Carrol - Gold/Lloyd/Echolette/Bloss) 9. Oh Patti F C Patti can't take it, she gotta give it back Dm A A7 The world is a big place and she's frightened F C And if you kiss her, she gotta kiss you back Am G She couldn't stand a kiss for free - on her own Bm Dm And while she's playing with all she exchanged A F Yawning at the multitude Bm Her world is a big place Dm A Full of toys and boys and teddy bears F Where nothing is for free F2/C G A That's what her mother told her once A And Patti has a big, big heart E Bigger than her life F#m E She just forgot the most fantastic things within D#m She's sitting in her glasshouse F#m And she does not dare to throw the stone C# To make it all come true A B C# Of what she's dreamin' of and so it seems to me C# G# Patti can't take it, she gotta give it back A#m F F7 Her world is a big place and she's frightened C# G# But if you love her maybe she'll accept Fm D# Maybe she'll take your love for free On her own Em All alone (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette - Gold/Lloyd/Echolette/Bloss) 10. Ivory tower Em C HERE IS the news from my little hideaway Am My sweet IVORY TOWER C Em I've sent you songs about so many things Mighty Moondog's skipping waves Dolphins playing their lives away Golden Circus Girls and Pharaoes Fallen angels, streetside romeos Patricia's Park and anyway Eternal youth and neverending summerdays Lonely Girls, Music Halls the Mysteries of Love Em C Em In the event that I don't return C Em Please take this message to understand..... Em D In the event.... Gm F Bb Eb I am a stranger in a strange land D Eb D Welcome stranger to the land of the free Eb D Welcome Carol to Phantasy.... OH my God, I feel so alone A million light years far from home It seems to be a tragedy How can I live in Germany Another house is burning down It's time to face the cruel reality This is a game no more Disaster in the 20th century In the event that I don't return Please take this message to understand Bb7 In the event that I don't return (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette - Gold/Lloyd/Echolette/Bloss) 11. Faith C G Am F Wake up in the morning still I heard this song Must be somewhere from my dreams I don't know Made me feel so good, sun was shining bright God I love you that you brought this little song C To give me faith G Am F In the morning I need your faith To go on, yeah Give me some faith Can't get enough of that sweet feeling Give me faith oh yeah Keep the faith Sweet little girl lying next to me Sunlight's playing on your face with some shadows You're so beautiful, dream on, dream on, lady I'm gonna wake you up when the time is right I'll give you faith In the morning... One day I shall be released by my creator Going home to where I came from long ago And the big wheel keeps on turning round and round Into eternity with me to cosmic meadows I will be there with all my friends.... Faith In the morning I need you, faith To go on yeah Give me your love and your affection And I'll keep the faith I'll keep the faith, oh yeah I'll keep the faith Give me faith God bless you, faith In the morning... (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette - Gold/Lloyd/Echolette/Bloss) 12. Iron John Cm F Cm If you open up the cage you will hurt yourself Eb Gm Cm The king said it's forbidden or you will get hell But the prisoner lets you know where to find the key Under her satin pillow, yes, there it has to be Modestly is fine but it doesn't take you very far When you make your decision don't be afraid of the dark Longing for the Golden Ball that it will be yours for keeps Be sure about it as you saw so shall you reap Let's take a ride on Iron John's shoulders He has more gold than anybody in this world Let's take a ride, hey ho on Iron John He has more gold than anybody in this world Jump on the train to nowhere, from now on you are free After rising from the ashes you'll become a mystery Too many of those strange injections, too many gazes at the sun The lady smiled "well that's the business running after number 1 For all their childish daydreams you caught their falling stars Just for the cheapest contracts you signed your autographs And if you started much too early therefore you're stopped too late Make sure that no one stops you now, here comes the ultimate" Let's take a ride.... Ab Gm He will be with you, he will be there Fm Ab Bb If you call out the magic words Let's take a ride.... (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette/Nielson - Gold/Lloyd/Echolette) 13. The one thing Cm7 F7 Bb Dm With all the Grace that you possess you're telling me your lies A kiss, a touch, a gentle stroke a look into my eyes Your promises and fairy tales have all turned into dust Your star was high, your kingdom grew in vain now fades at last That is the 1 thing I know Stop talking, stop talking with that voice Stop ! I can't stand it when I look into your eyes Stop talking who do you think you are Stop, you're too perfect but this time you've gone too far Dbm7 Gb7 Cb Ebm How can you be so sure about those tears you're giving me Your mysteries and agonies show no effect on me I can't believe the love we shared would ever grew so old Your warm embrace was heaven but tonight it feels so cold THAT IS THE 1 THING I know Cm7 F7 Bb Dm Stop talking Stop talking Ebm7 That is the 1 thing I know Ab7 Db Fm The 1 thing I know That is the 1 thing I know When I look into your eyes That is the 1 thing I know I can't stand it I can't stand it no more (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette) 14. Some people Am Some people seem to have it all Am Some people always have to crawl Dm/F Some people pay to be abused Am Some people wind up destitute Some people search their souls for truth Some people try to be of use Some people pray before they kill Some people kill just for the thrill Some people follow 1 man's vision Some others die on television Some people build their homes on sand Some people live in garbage cans Some people think that life is dear Some people hope the end is near Some people fight for right to life Some people hate to stay alive Some people dream of life on Mars Some people end their life in cars Some people throw their lives away Some others go on holidays A Bb C G A Some people live and love in vain F C G A Some people don't and go insane Eb Bb F C Some people always need to win G Ab F C Some other people love to sin A Some people breaking all their vows Some people slashing sacred cows Some people like to worship stars Some people think the world's a farce Some people try to make ends meet Some others end up kissing feet Some people find their Holy Grail Some other people go to hell Some people never catch their breath Some people drink themselves to death Some people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette/Ocean - Gold/Lloyd/Echolette/Bloss) 15. Euphoria Bm C# Kind of thunder from my heart Bm Flooding my eyes C# Flooding my eyes G# F# Kind of armies marching through my head G# A# Sombre soldiers from nowhere Kind of someone's moving out of me Have no fear Have no fear Kind of someone's moving out of me Goin' somewhere Goin' somewhere F C Ship is leaving right on time G D Empty harbour, wave goodbye Evacuation of the isle Caveman's paintings drowning Famous last words on the air I stay here and you are there While our city softly sinks Caveman's paintings drowning A# F C G (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette) 16. Apollo D Show me a place that ain't Hell D If there's space give me room to breathe G That's all that I need D For this body can't fail And if music be the food of Love Play on ! give me excess of it Gm Let it all out D Please take me out of here D And I shall rise from the ashes Am Grow like a rose from the ruins D There must be light in the darkness Am Hope at the end of the night G Yes I've been tryin' all my life G/B To get to heaven C Eb But awoke, in the eye of the storm G But I shall rise from the ashes Am Grow from the ruins G/B C D And return back home This is the call from the gras Coming up to the prisoners of pleasure Drunk on the blood Of the next generations And I've been through many strange confusions Splitting myself into too many faces now The mirror is broken I can see the worms behind But I shall rise from the ashes... D4/A You may well have your ways of triumph Bb C/G You may well have your ways of truth D Bb C/G (Just gimme some room to breathe...) D That's all that I need Bb That's all that I need C Me and my strange friends (Take my hand and I'll take you out of here) Me all belong to the grand astral body (I'll take you out of here) And there's you behind these legendary curtains (I'll take you out of here) Take my hand before you wither in the crowd (I'll take you out of here) Take my hand I'll take you out of here This is the end of the show I don't know was I wrong was I right Oh Love I don't know I wasn't perfect for sure But now I feel like a new born baby Lying in the dew of the morning Laughing at the sky Like a brave new Apollo And I shall rise from the ashes... Back home (Gold/Lloyd/Echolette - Gold/Lloyd/Echolette/Bloss) For any comment you can either e-mail to or better write to my own address : Herve LAMOUREUX 16, rue de la Guette 45140 Saint-Jean de la Ruelle FRANCE

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