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Alison Krauss
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Format : Song for life, Alison krauss
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Song for life, Alison krauss

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 3/19/97; 11:27:20 PM From: Bruce DeBoard <> Subject: Alison Krauss - Song for Life Alison Krauss - Song For Life written by Rodney Crowell Album: Too Late To Cry (1987) Transcribed by Bruce DeBoard ( This song has been done by several different people, including The Seldom Scene, and Alan Jackson. But this is the version I have heard most. There is some arpeggiation during the intro, but I will leave that to you to figure out. [Intro] D A Bm D7 G A7 D A (same as verse) [Verse 1] D A Bm D7 I don't drink as much as I used to G A7 D A (walk up A-B-C#) Lately, it just ain't my style D A Bm D7 And hard times don't last like they used to G A7 D They pass quicker, like when I was a child. [Chorus] G A7 D Somehow I've learned how to listen G A7 Bm D7 To a sound like the sun going down G A7 D G And the magic the morning is bringing home D A Bm D7 a song for a life I have found G A7 D It keeps my feet on the ground [Solo]--Play verse again [second verse] The midsummer days sit so heavy but don't they blow like a breeze through your mind when nothing appears in a hurry to make up for someone's lost time [repeat chorus] (*A note on the chorus---the version by The Seldom Scene has a somewhat different last chorus. This may be the original words, and were changed for soon to be obvious reasons(Alison being a woman and all) It only affects the last two lines: A song for a girl I have found She keeps my feet on the ground Also, Alan Jackson uses friend instead of girl I believe, although I'm not sure if he says he or she on the next line. So use whichever version you like best, or best suits your gender*) Please email with any suggestions or comments. -- Bruce A. Deboard Physics and Astronomy Homepage: University of Kentucky

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Alison Krauss: Now That I''ve Found You

Alison Krauss: Now That I''ve Found You
Type : Partition
Edition Warner Brothers

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tablature song for life alison krauss

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