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Alison Krauss
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Format : Sleep on, Alison krauss
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Sleep on, Alison krauss

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 3/7/97; 7:14:21 PM From: joe-patrick-karasek <> Subject: "Sleep On" SONG: "Sleep On" ARTIST: Alison Krauss ALBUM: Now that I've found you: a collection O.K. Here it is. I've figured most of this song out, but it is going to be hard to explain how to play it. I believe that if you listen to the song, you will be able to catch on. This is how I play it: The chords are quite simple, BUT, just strumming the chords will not sound right. You have to add some bass notes in there too! (CAPO 2nd) Try picking the intro like this (lowest note is bass note) xx0232 xxx032 xx4232 xx2232 xx0232 xxx032 xx4232 strum xx2232 Now for the song, hit the bass note and strum (Boom-chick-chick). D xx0232 xxx032 xx4232 xx2232 xx0232 x4x232 x2x232 x00232 G D 3x0033 2x0033 0x0033 x20033 xx0232 x00232 xx0232 xx2232 (Repeat) This is the chorus. (still boom-chick-chick) A D A D x02220 xx2220 xx0232 x00232 x02220 xx2220 xx0232 x00232 A G A x02220 3x2220 2x2220 0x2220 320033 320033 strum 002220 (Got it? Or have I completely confused you? That was the best way I could show you without having to tab the whole thing! Well, that's the way I play it, and if you listen and play along with the song, you'll get it! Or else, just try to play the bass notes along with the song and add when you figure that out, add the rest of the chord) O.K., Here are the words. (verse) D Could your heart ever be mine? G D Your arms hold me so close to you all throught the night Your eyes gaze into mine G D Sayin' I should believe you, I always do, I don't know why (chorus) A D Cause you taught me a lesson the hard way one time A D Told me you loved me, but then changed your mind A G I never told no one how I hurt down inside until now D Sleep on Could your heart ever be mine My arms hold you so close to me all through the night My heart warned me this time But I need to believe you, so I do, just for tonight But you taught me a lesson the hard way one time Promised to love me but then changed your mind I never told no one how I hurt down inside until now Sleep on You can visit a great Alison Krauss website at If you have any questions or comments, my email is Have fun! Joe Karasek

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Alison Krauss: Now That I''ve Found You

Alison Krauss: Now That I''ve Found You
Type : Partition
Edition Warner Brothers

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tablature sleep on alison krauss

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