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Alice In Chains
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Format : Sludge factory, Alice in chains
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Sludge factory, Alice in chains

Sludge Factory Off Album "Alice in Chains" Tuning Lower All Half Step & "Dropped D" Intro/Main Riff 4/4 F G D Eb-1---3---------------------------- Bb-1---3--3------------------------- Gb-1---3--2------------------------- Db-1---3---------------------------- Ab-1---3---------------------------- Eb-1---3---------------------------- 1 + 2 3 Chorus 4/4 Eb---------------------------------- Bb------10-8------------------------ Gb-7-8-9----9-7-6------------------- Db---------------5-4-3-------------- Ab---------------------------------- Eb---------------------------------- Solo The Solo is in the Pentantonic Scale, in the Key of "D" For Comments Email Me. Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 21:22:52 +0100 From: "J.P.Juneau" <> SLUDGE FACTORY ALICE IN CHAINS (unplugged version) I'm sending this tab because it's more complete than the one thats now in the archive, and because i have nothing to do right now... This is the unplugged version of the song. It differs from the album version only during the choruses, and in length. this on is about three and a half minutes while the album version is seven minutes long... Personnaliy, i think it sounds better unplugged... I'm pretty sure this tab is correct, because I watched and rewatched how they played it on the unplugged.... It's in a dropped D tuning, 1/2 step lower. that would be: Low to high, Db Ab Db Bb Eb. Intro: not sure about the rhythm D5 /********************** e:--------------------------------------------- B:-----------3------3-3-3--3----3-3-3--3-3-3--- G:-----------2------2-2-2--2----2-2-2--2-2-2--- X4 D:---1--3----0------0-0-0--0----0-0-0--0-0-0--- A:---1--1----0------0-0-0--0----0-0-0--0-0-0--- E:---1--1----0------0-0-0--0----0-0-0--0-0-0--- then V e:---------------------- B:-----------3-~~~~----- G:-----------2-~~~~----- D:---1--3----0-~~~~----- A:---1--1----0---------- E:---1--1----0---------- Verse: just keep on playing the first part of the intro, but not as hard. Play it smoother... And once in a while (in fact almost all the time) , strum the D5 chord in a down stroke. At the end of the verse, it goes like this: D5 e:--------------------- B:-------------3------- G:-------------2------- and go back to the intro. D:---1--3--1---0------- A:---1--1--1---0------- E:---1--1--1---0------- Verse 2: Same as verse one, but at the end, it goes like this instead. A5 e:----------------- B:----------------- G:----------------- D:---1--3--1---2--- A:---1--1--1---2--- E:---1--1--1---0--- Chorus 1: part A] e:---0--0--0---0---0----------------------------- B:---3--4--5--/10--8----------------------------- G:-------------------7-6-5~~~-------------------- D:-----------------------------5-4-3~~~-------5-- A:--------------------------------------3-4h5---- E:----------------------------------------------- part B] e:-------0--0--0----------------------------------- B:-------3--4--5----------------------------------- G:---2-----------5-4-2-4-4b-~~~--4-2------------0-- D:---2-------------------------------3~~~-----2---- A:---0------------------------------------0-3------ E:------------------------------------------------- Then play part A] X2. Play the intro again... Verse 3: Same as verse 2 Chorus 2: Part A] X1 Part B] X1 Part A] X2 Part B] X2 Part A] X1 Then go back to the intro, and that's it. LYRICS You insult me in my home, you're forgiven this time Things go well, your eyes dilate, you shake, and i'm high Look in my eyes deep and watch the clouds change with time Twenty hours won't print my picture milk carton size carton size....carton size....carton size Call me up congratulations ain't the real why There's no presure besides brilliance, let say by day nine Endless corporate ignorance lets me control time By the way, by the way, by the way, by the way Once again you see an in Discolored skin gives you away So afraid, you kindly gurgle out a date for me Now the body of one soul o i adore wants to die You have always told me you'd not live past twenty-five I say stay long enough to repay all who caused strife. (chorus)

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Lick Library : Learn To Play Alice In Chains (dvd)

Lick Library : Learn To Play Alice In Chains (DVD)
Type : Partition
Edition Roadrock International

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