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Tablature Not The Doctor, Alanis Morissette, #2792740

Alanis Morissette
Not The Doctor
#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From: Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 19:58:13 -0500 Subject: Alanis Morissette - new CRD file - NOT THE DOCTOR Title: "NOT THE DOCTOR" - Alanis Morissette - album "jagged little pill" Intro: There are a couple variations sort of like this throughout. Bass-like, all fingered, as in: e--------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------- A------0-0-2-0---0--------0-0-2-0------------- E--0-4---------4---4--0-4---------4-0--------- Or, one octave up, played from E and Esus4 chords: e--------------------------------------------- B----------0------------------0--------------- G----1-2-2---2-1-2-1----1-2-2---2-1----------- D--2------------------2-------------2--------- A--------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------- "NOT THE DOCTOR" - Alanis Morissette (E thru-out verse, with occasional hammer-on to Esus4) I don't want to be the filler if the void is solely yours I don't want to be your glass of single malt whiskey Hidden in the bottom drawer I don't want to be the bandage if the wound is not mine Lend me some fresh air I don't want to be adored for what I merely represent to you I don't want to be your baby sitter You're a very big boy now I don't want to be your mother I didn't carry you in my womb for nine months Show me the back door Chorus: G A E Visiting hours are 9 to 5 and if I show up at 10 past 6, well I G A E Already know that you'd find some way to sneak me in and oh G A E Mind the empty bottle with the holes along the bottom, you see it's F#m Am7 D E Too much to ask for and I am not the doctor (E thru-out verse, with occasional hammer-on to Esus4) I don't want to be the sweeper of the eggshells that you up walk upon I don't want to be your other half I believe that 1 and 1 make 2 I don't want to be your food or the light from the fridge on your face at midnight Hey what are you hungry for I don't want to be the glue that holds your pieces together I don't want to be your idol see this pedestal is high and I'm afraid of heights I don't want to be lived through A vicarious occasion, please open the window (Repeat chorus) (E thru-out verse, with occasional hammer-on to Esus4) I don't want to live on someday when my motto is next week I don't want to be responsible for your fractured heart and its wounded beat I don't want to be a substitute for the smoke you've been inhaling What do you thank me What do you thank me for (Repeat chorus - then end on a slow, upstroked E chord) Suggested chords: E G A F#m Am7 D Esus4 e-------3-------2--------2-------------------- B-----------2---2----1---3-------------------- G---1-------2---2--------2----2--------------- D---2-------2---4----2--------2--------------- A---2---2-------x--------x----2--------------- E-------3---x---x----x---x-------------------- btw, high "e" string is pretty sparsely used in strumming. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------ George Quebbeman Brighton, MI, USA email: "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world." -J.P.Morgan ------------------------------------------------------ ======================================================== Tablature Not the doctor, de Alanis morissette ========================================================

Am7 chord
F#m chord
G chord
D chord
E chord
A chord

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