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Format : Roll on, Alabama
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Roll on, Alabama

Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 11:00:58 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) "Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)" by Dave Loggins performed by Alabama If anyone has TAB to this (or any ALABAMA song, actually, please email me or post it on COWPIE) 4/4 time Chorus 1 [E]Roll On highway, Roll On a-[A]long. [E]Roll On daddy till you get back [A]home. [E]Roll on fam'ly, Roll On [A]crew. [E]Roll On mama like I asked you to do. And [F#m]Roll On Eighteen [B]Wheeler, Roll On. [E] E | A |E | A verse 1 [A]Well it's Monday mornin', he's kissin' mama goodbye. He's up and gone with the [C#m]sun. [A]Daddy drives an eighteen wheeler, and he's off on a midwest run.[E] And three sad faces gather 'round mama. They ask her when daddy's comin' [C#m]home. [A]Daddy drives an eighteen wheeler, and they sure miss him when he's [E]gone. Climb 1: Ah, but he [A]calls 'em ev'ry [G#m]night and [F#7]tells 'em that he loves[B] them. He taught 'em this song to sing: (repeat chorus 1) afterward, key changes from E to F F |F Bb verse 2 [Bb]Well it's [F]Wednesday evening. Mama's waitin' by the phone. It rings but it's not his [Dm]voice. Seems the high-[Bb]way patrol has found a jack-knifed rig in a snowbank in Illinois.[F] But the driver was missin', and the search had been abandoned 'cause the weather had ev'rything [Dm]stalled. And they had [Bb]checked all the houses and the local motels; when they had some more news they'd call.[F] Climb 2: And she told [Bb]them when they [Am]found him to tell [Gm7]him that she loved[C] him. And she hung up the phone singin': Chorus 2: [F]Roll On highway, Roll On a-[Bb]long. [F]Roll On daddy till you get back [Bb]home. [F]Roll on fam'ly, Roll On [Bb]crew. [F]Roll On mama like I asked you to do. And [Gm]Roll On Eighteen [C]Wheeler, Roll On. [Dm] Bridge: [Dm]Mama and the children will be [Am7]waiting up all night long, thinkin' [Bb]nothin' but the worst is comin' with the ring-[F]in' of the telephone. Oh, but the [Dm]Man upstairs was list'nin' when Mama [Bb]asked him to bring Daddy home. And when the [Gm]call came in, it was Daddy on the other end, [C]askin' her if she had been a-singin' the song, singin': REPEAT Chorus 2, but instead of Dm at the end of "Roll On Eighteen Wheeler, Roll On", make it an F. F | Bb | [F]Eighteen whee-[Bb]ler [F]Eighteen whee-[Bb]ler [F]Eighteen whee-[Bb]ler [F]Eighteen whee-[Bb]ler----(hold until finally "roll on!") Bb |Fm/Bb [F]Roll On! Fm/Bb -1-- -1-- -1-- -3-- -1-- -X-- Enjoy, and God bless. Bishop of Nod <>

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A Breeze From Alabama

A Breeze from Alabama
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tablature roll on alabama

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