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Format : Angels among us2, Alabama
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Difficulté : 5/10

Angels among us2, Alabama

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 13:46:49 -0700 From: Heather Bindner <> Subject: Angles Amoung Us - Alabama "Angels Amoung Us" words and music by Becky Hobbs and Don Goodman >From Alabama "Greatest Hits vol. 3" Transcribed by Tempo: Moderately Capo: 1st fret Intro: Ab Eb/G Db(add Eb) Ab Cm7 Db(addEb) Eb7 Verse 1: Ab Eb/G Fm7 Db(addEb) Spoken: I was walking home from school on a cold winter day, Ab Fm7 Db(add Eb) Eb Took a short cut through the woods and I lost my way. Ab Eb/G Fm7 Db(addEb) It was getting late and I was scared and alone, Ab Fm7 Db(add Eb) Eb Then a kind old man took my hand and led me home. Db(add Eb) Cm7 Db(add Eb) Eb7 Sung: Mama couldnât see him, but he was standing there. Db(add Eb) Ab/C Db(add Eb) Eb7 But I knew in my heart he was the answer to my prayer. Oh_____ Chorus: Ab(add Bb) Fm7 Bbm7 Eb7 Ab(add Bb) I believe there are angels amoung us, Fm7 Db(add Eb) Eb7 Sent down to us from somewhere up a bove. Ab(add Bb) Fm7 Db Eb7 They come to you and me in our darkest hours Db(add Eb) Cm7 To show us how to live, Db(add Eb) Eb7 To teach us how to give, Db(add Eb) Eb7 Ab To guide us with a light of love. Verse 2: Ab Eb/G Fm7 Db(addEb) When Life had Troubled times, and had me down on my knees, Ab Fm7 Db(add Eb) Eb Thereâs alwasy been someone to come along and comfort me. Ab Eb/G Fm7 Db(addEb) A kind word from a stranger, to lend a helping hand, Ab Fm7 Db(add Eb) Eb A phone call from a friend, just to say I understand. Db(add Eb) Cm7 Db(add Eb) Eb7 Now Aint it kind of funny, at the dark end of the road, Db(add Eb) Ab/C Db(add Eb) Eb7 Someone lights the way with just a single ray of hope. Oh_____ (to chorus:) Bridge: Db(add Eb) Cm7 They wear so many faces, Db(add Eb) Cm7 They show up in the strangest places. Db(add Eb) Cm7 Bbm7 Eb7 They grace us with their mercies in our time of need. Oh_____ (to chorus:) ENDING: no chord To guide us with a light of love. E A D G B e Ab= 3 5 5 4 3 3 Eb/G= 2 x 0 2 3 0 Db(addEb)= 0 3 2 0 3 0 Cm7= 2 2 4 2 3 2 Eb7= 0 0 0 2 1 2 Fm7= 0 2 0 0 0 0 Eb= 0 0 0 2 3 2 Ab/C= x 2 0 0 0 x Ab(addBb)= 3 x 0 2 0 0 Db= 3 3 5 5 5 3

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