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Aimee Mann
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Format : You could make, Aimee mann
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You could make, Aimee mann

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Date: 27 Dec 1995 16:51:15 +0000 From: "Boulton, Nic" <> Subject: m/aimee mann/you could make a killing YOU COULD MAKE A KILLING (Aimee Mann) -------------------------------------- This is on the "I'm with Stupid" album. All the following is written as if played in G (at the knut). Album ----- On the album this track is played in B (Capo 4th fret). [Intro]: | G Em7 D F | C G D C | C C C C | x 2 With this played over the top by heavily overdriven electric gtr: A -3------2-0---------3-------2------- E ------------3----------------------- A -3------2-0--------h--------0------- E ------------3-----0-3-----3--------- [Verse]: G Em7 D (Dsus) D F C F C There is nothing th - at competes with habit and I know, it's nei- ther deep nor tragic simply that you just have to have it [Chorus]: || C G D F C .|| || so you can make a killing .|| x3 (on the 3rd time, skip the F and hold the last C 6 beats) I wish I was both young and stupid then I too could have the fun that you did 'til it was time to ?put it up, what you bid so you could make a killing x3 I could follow you and search the rubble or stay right here and save myself the trouble or try to keep myself from seeing double or i could make a killing . . . x4 aahh aah etc. (chords as for chorus) Live ---- Live, Aimee plays this in Bb (Capo 3rd fret). The live arrangement is for (mainly) acoustic guitar. It's basically the same as above, but with picking like this: [Intro]: 3 bars (play once only, not like above): First Bar: G Em7 D F F(add2) e--3-------------------------------------------2-2-2--------------------| B--0----------------------------3-----3--------3-3-3----1-----1-----h-p-| G--0------------0-----------0---0-----2--------2-2-2----2-----0----0-2-0| D--0----------0-------------2---------0-----------------3-----3---------| A-----------2-------2---------------------------------------------------| E-------------------0---------------------------------------------------| beats ^ ^ ^ ^ 2nd Bar: C Am7/B G D C e--------------------------------3-3-3------------2-2-2-----------0-0-0| B--------------------------------0-0-0------------3-3-2-----------1-1-1| G-(0)----------sl---0------------0-0-0------------2-2-2-----------0-0-0| D--2--------2-2-(0)-0------------------0-------------------------------| A--3--------3-3--2--2-----------------------------------3--------------| E-------------------3*-------------------------------------------------| beats ^ ^ ^ ^ 3rd Bar: C C C C e-------------0-0-0-------------0-0-0------------0-0-0------------0-0-0| B-------------1-1-1-------------1-1-1------------1-1-1------------1-1-1| G-------------0-0-0-------------0-0-0------------0-0-0------------0-0-0| D----------------------------------------------------------------------| A--3----------------3-----------------3-----------------3--------------| E----------------------------------------------------------------------| beats ^ ^ ^ ^ This is played as three 'phrases' G Em7 D F C G D C C C C C, so hit the G in the second bar (Marked *) hard to make it sound like a new phrase. Verse/Chorus Chords as per album version. Picking is the root/bass note of each chord held for about three-quarters of a beat followed by three quick strums of the top three strings (like in the last bar of the intro of the live version). Only other difference from the CD is trills on the C and F of each line of the verse: C F C e -0---0--------1-------(0)-- B -1---1--------1---h-p-(1)-- G -0---0---h-p--2--0-2-0----- D -2---2--0-2-0-3--------2--- A -3---3-----------------3--- E --------------------------- . . . . . . habit . . . . . . tragic . . . . . . . have it . . .etc Chords EADGBe G 320003 Em7 022030 D xx0232 Dsus xx0233 F xx3211 F(add2) xx3011 Am7/B x20010 C x32010 (N.B. sometimes x32013 in last bar of intro) h is a hammer-on p is a pull-off sl is a slide Enjoy! Comments, corrections, etc. welcome. Nic Nic

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tablature you could make aimee mann

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